Staying Motivated - Help Me Set Goals

I’ve been a long time browser of TN, but rarely post anything.

I wanted to see if I might be able to find some strong women to help me stay motivated as I just started low carb dieting and am aiming to lose another 30lbs.

I was blessed for the longest time not to have to watch what I ate but when I hit 26 that all changed and I’ve been dancing with dieting for some time now. I think I really was first in denial of the weight and then pissed I was going to have to deprive myself. I landed on low carbing and I’m keep myself accountable by blogging about it.

I’m in week 3 and down 12lbs. But, I have day where I think, oh calorie counting will work I don’t need to do this. Of course I remind myself of the big 3.

  1. I sleep like a baby now and I never done that in my adult lift
  2. I’m less of a bitch because my hypoglycemia is under control since my blood sugar doesn’t crash
  3. My energy level is awesome.

My latest challenge is finding creative recipes. Right now I’m trying to stick to 25-30g of carbs a day. I started lifting again my routine is 5 sets of 5 at the heaviest weight I can do without losing form on the last set. Squats or Dead Lifts, Lat pull downs or assisted pull-ups (I’m too wimpy right now to do on my own) and chest press.

I’m looking for some ideas to set goals that are not related to the scale so on those days I have doubts i can remember all the other goals. Any ideas?


Age- 31

Weights: Squats 55lbs, lats - 70lbs, chest press 40lbs

Age - Never get older :wink:
Female - would like to stay
130-135 lbs - basically until I look like I can kick your ass
5’8" - No shrinkage please.

All ideas welcome! Thanks.

Welcome and good luck on your journey!
Low carb…how many grams of carbs do you eat per day?

I’m doing 25-30g of carbs a day. Mostly from green veggies and cheese, although I do have a low carb tortilla now and then.

"goals that are not related to the scale "

ok just a couple of ideas, not sure if this is what you are looking for:

How about plan a trip somewhere such as hiking in the mountains where you will need to be really fit?

Or fit into a certain outfit- nice pair of pants or dress?

Or do a single pullup just to be able to say to yourself that you can do it?

Or take up a sport/activity where a lower weight is better for your body so you can think to yourself that you are also saving your joints? (impact activities such as running or hiking or dancing). Or an activity where a lower weight will make it easier to perform- such as gymnastics.

Or how about the goal of eating no processed food at all- you will naturally lose weight that way and your goal there is simply being more healthy and not developing disease.

Or realize that you are improving your self esteem every time you make a good choice and achieve a goal, no matter how small.