Staying lean year-round

I was wondering how lean everyone here stays while on Mass building cycles. Obviously, one will put on a little fat when eating for mass, but can you stay at around 10-12%(six-pack region)? Just wondering because I am on a cutting cycle now, and when I get to where I want to be, I want to gain more mass, but not look really fat.

I was on a serious bulking cycle about 4 weeks ago,gained 25lbs since the begining of the school year, never really rose above 11.13% BF, I guess I’m still kinda on it because i havent changed my diet (ca. 4500cal 30%C 30%F 40%P)but since i’ve been taking myostat my BF has dropped to 8.87% and I’ve gained 2lbs. I think alot of it has to do with genetics and bodytype. I’m sure the fact that 40% of my cals came from Protein helped as well. And you have to take into account my age (19) this alone means my BMR is probably higher along with my natural test levels. So in conclusion (sorry for the thesis) I will say that its very possible with strict diet, the right supplements, and luck of the draw gentics…and as always age and gender play a role as well.

I never bulk to higher than 10%. 6 pack is always visible. Though I may be slowing my gains by doing this, I just feel grody when I get any fatter.

The best times for me to gain mass is when I am around the 10-11% arena of BF. I was even able to gain mass when I was as low as 8%. I got to 128lbs (5’4") - which is alot for me - and I normally am at 118lbs. My last contest (April 2001) I weighed 117lbs - the lightest in the middleweights, but easily the most ripped. I am now at 124lbs and am at 10%.

I think it's a matter of getting and staying lean for a certain amount of time and your body gets "set" at that level. Then you can easily embark on the road to gain LBM.

i bounce between 6-10% year round. kevo

I’m curious Patricia as to how you determine that you are or were at 8%. Is this determined on a male or female scale since there is a significant difference in the calculated numbers. To put it in perspective, someone like Kim Chizevsky would be about 8% on a female scale.

Hydrostatic as well as caliper tested. Also, the mirror don’t lie. BTW: Kim Chezevsky, in her former Ms. O glory, was alot less than 8%. Are you referring to her O days or her most recent turn as fitness competitor? Most fitness chicks carry more BF than a competitive BB. As a matter of fact, they compete in the 8-10% arena. Bodybuilders compete with less than that.

I've been caliper tested (by the same person also) when I have been 10, 12 and one time when I came in at 18% (man,that was a bad year). So, I have a real good idea of what I look like at various levels of BF.