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Staying Hydrated in the Summer Heat


does anyone else have problems staying hydrated during the summer heat? regardless of how much i drink, i get completely dehydrated where i end up with terrible headaches. anyone have any ideas on how to prevent this?


Drink more. Are you dense?

"regardless of how much I drink" blah blah blah. Drink more. Or go to a doctor.


it cant be that simple. no way. drink MORE??


how much are you drinking? you could drink more but if you think your dehydrated when your not you could overdose on water!


get some crystal light to help you get more fluids down


if hes going to mix anything in his water, an electrolyte blend would make the most sense.


and quote of the year goes to...


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Are you getting enough sodium??


I used to be afraid of adding salt to foods, for no good reason other than just thinking I was eating as clean as possible. If you are eating fresh foods, and cooking most of your meals yourself, it's easy to fall behinnd on healthy sodium intake.

When I started adding sea salt, not only did food taste better, but I needed far less water to stay hydrated, and felt a lot better in the process.

Scott Abel has written some great information about salt intake that is definitely worth looking up.

Here is one



drink water

add electrolytes

drink more water

eat carbs

put on sunscreen

salt foods


Glycerin, added to some water, will help you absorb more water...also will give you a WICKED PUMP & VASCULARITY


Add water to your water. Simple, yet effective.


im drinking well over a gallon of water and some gatorade as well, my sodium level is usually fine, but during my 9 hour shift outside i just cant hold in my water


Electrolytes my man ! People are afraid of salt like the plague when working out. Unless you are cutting for a contest or show or something, don't be afraid to add some salt, since clean healthy food doesn't have much sodium to begin with.

I have this problem as well, I sweat like a fucking man on trial. I also have really bad GI issues, so my doc suggested drinking mineral water on occasion (Evian, Pellegrino, Perrier, shit like that.) It has helped me alot, I have really bad cramping issues because of it.


all i see when i fucking watch tv is commercials for mio a "liquid enhancer" or in laymens terms sugar, try some of that stuff or man up and start shotgunning cans of carbonated water, you'll look fucking manly haha


Summer + sweat = dehydration... You need electrolytes... if you are cutting up then try a fruit juice or some gatorade. Its not just water that you are lacking because your sweat is also ridding your body of minerals salts that you need to stay healthy... Working out means more sweating by the way... Carry a bottle around and take a swig every time yer throat gets dry...