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Staying Healthy


So in light of the Liver support thread I was wondering if we could get a like list of stuff or something you guys take when taking certain compounds or are getting certain sides. I remember walkway mentioning he was going to make one but whatever. I'd like this just a place were people post common knowledge supplements/vitamins to take when taking AAS/Research Chems.


This is a great idea. I have been wondering what all I could be doing to keep healthier lately.


google "The Thinking Bodybuilder's Toolbox for health"




Excellent read. Just out of curiosity, how much fish oil do think is optimal for someone on gear?


for most moderate cycles.. 4g / day




Thanks for the link. I just read the 1st page. I see that there are 8 so far. Stong case for Curcumin that's for sure. Thought why inject it while you can eat it? Many beneficial studies are from adding it to food....

From page 1, I'd add Vitamin K2 and Astaxanthin.


Today I made my own little health packs.

Just fixed up 30 snack size ziplock bags with

Orange Triad
4 grams fish oil
1 baby aspirin
1 Liv52
100mg CoQ10

Am going to get some NAC to throw in there as well.


Very good info, might have to give NAC a try myself..