staying focused...

Hi all…

Okay, now…maybe it’s the darn city I live in…maybe it’s just the gym I’m in…but it seems that EVERYONE (with only a few exceptions) is either trying to hit on others, checking people out, or just trying to be annoying… especially during stretching. Flexibility is a big part of my training…splits, full lotus, among others…they tend to, well, gain attention…and I have to do them whil warm from training…(more gains, it seems and less chance on injury).

I can only IMAGINE what the ladies go through…jeez…

It just seems that most people there are about “look at how good I look”…or “Whoah…look at that” or…well, I figure you all know what I’m referring to.

Now, I’m REALLY serious about this phase of my training (strength training/bulking up), and I’m looking for advice (short of hurting someone) as to avoid these Interruptions.

Advice or stories would be cool.

Peace out and good training to all…

Using a walkman or mp3 player when you can, and don’t make eye contact. They may think your a snob but that’s their problem. The ability to perform/train while ignoring the distractions is also good training for the mind!

Best of luck!

Headphones. They’ll drown out the others and people usually won’t talk to a guy with headphones on.

no joke about focusing people out to increase your focus…

Hit on them, and scare the shit of them, lol. Nah theres alot of estrogen bound people in the gym as well, so that might not work.

But the headphones is the best option hell i love good music cause they allow me to totally block out all those around me, even when they ask “Are you done? Can i work in? can i get a spot?” nah just kidding i spot everyone, let everyone go ahead of me and even bring towels for everyone.

I saw this somewhere on the site a long time ago. When your done doing whatever it is your doing, stretching- bench- deads, etc, throw a towel over your head until your rest period is over. I ve actually had a lot of people bug me with headphones, but, for some reason, no problem with a towel over my head.

I like that MillerTIme!
Good advice

Good ideas…thanks for the help!

towel over the head sounds like a good idea.

i think i need blinders that jockeys put on racehorses sometimes.

can you go during hours when its less busy and less of a social arena?

“Go other times”…It varies…depends on the schedule of the day (I juggle a few jobs and side gigs)…sometimes I can get in late (like after midnight), but most of the time it seems the only times I can make it are prime time…

So far the only thing that has worked for me…(haven’t tried the towel-over-the-head…yet…this week…hehehe)…has been having someone with me who is just as serious about working out…the dude is bigger, stronger (except the legs which we’re pretty even)…and more knowledgeable…but it’s not always possible to work out with him…as stated before…schedules and all…

Another trick that I like to use with the headphones and similiar to the towel trick is a wooley hat. I put my headphones underneath it and pull the hat down low enough that I can see but definitely won’t be making eye contact with anybody. With this and the music turned up I am in a world all my own. Probably makes me look silly but people leave me alone.

If you are truly “serious” about your training and you walk into the gym with the pure intent of training for this singular goal: people will leave you alone.

You go in, do your thing and then you leave. Yes, it’s that simple.

It’s worked for me. And I’m a chick. I go in, with no thought of “making friends”, I go in to train. Then leave. If someone asks me a genuine question about a exercise (happens often), I am polite, quick to the point (“excuse me now, I’ve got a schedule to meet” - kind smile), and move on.