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Staying Cut In Winter

I plan to get things rollin again and I wanted to get some imput from you guys on my next cycle layout.
Everything is still kinda on the drawing board but there are a couple of things i do know for sure… I plan on starting sometime in October and plan on running aas for 12 weeks
after my start date. My last cycle consisted of test c 600mg/wk
1-12, d-bol 40mg/wk 1-4, t-bol 50mg/wk 8-12, 40mg nolva wk 15 and 20mg wk 16-17.

Overall it was a great cycle. In the end I had gained 35lbs and my fat % is at 5.2%. With this cycle coming up I would like to stray away from some of the compounds I’m used to and try a new approach.

I was wondering what you guys think about a d-bol wk1-4, tren 200 wk1-10, primo or winny wk6-12. I haven’t decided on whether i should go with the winny or primo (money issues). I want to try to stay as lean as possible while I’m on and try to loose some body fat in the process. Huge gains are not my goal with this cycle. I am gearing more towards hardness and staying as cut as possible towards the end. I was also concidering using clen as a bridge, wk 13- .

As far as mg’s go per different aas I was hoping you guys had some suggestions. My workout routine while on aas is pretty consitant. I work out 5 days/wk hitting upperbody twice/wk and lower once/wk and then rotating upper and lower/wk. I work out anywhere from 1-2 hrs per session and include swimming or resistance running 3-4 days/wk for 30 min. - 1 hr per session. My diet consists of high protien intake, usually around 300-400mg’s per day, and high calorie diet, usually around 5-6,000 per day. I try to keep the carbs low but I usually don’t keep track of them as much as I should. I know my diet would vary considering my goals for this cycle.
So there it is… Should I keep on this track or should I trash it and come up with something totally different concerning my goals. Any knowledge and/or feedback would be greatly appreciated.


wow 5.2% BF is awesome, you should allready be chisled and cut to the max. A bro at my gym is 4% BF and its nuts and lower than that and I think the body starts having problems functioning.