Staying Big Year Round

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Wow so much hate, so much hate.
My stats now are comparable to the best natural bbers, Ive only cycled once a year
500mg test e , hcg throughout and standard nolva/clomid.

I was asking for help not beeing talked shit to.
I’m not even going to go down to your level…

However, training is constantly changing currently doing 3x week full body split, every 3 week I do bodybuilding routine.
But I constantly change this up to see what works.

Diet is 30/60/10 prot, carb, fat at 3300 maintance. Every time i push it to 3500-3700 my waist get bigger and its 72cm atm. thats 28,3 inches. arms at 15 and tighs at 23,6. And my bodyfat is tested regulary.

My goal is to be at 185-200 with my waist under 30 inches.

Not hate, just honesty. I highly doubt your stats are comparable to best natural BBers. We have somewhat comparable stats, and I am nowhere near top natural BBers. Left thigh 23.5" (right a little smaller due to surgeries), arms 15.25" cold flexed, waist 28", height 5’6.5" 158 lbs, and less bodyfat than you. Oh, and I am natural.

If you are changing up your routine every three weeks, you will never find what works. Things take time. Also, try getting less carbs and more fat if you add to your abdomen when you gain weight. [/quote]

How long it take you to get to that weight? and where did you start at? I am curious because I am a little shorter than you, and I weigh a little more, Im not as lean as you are though.

While waiting for the man himself to answer, check out this thread where he goes in depth about his bench training and diet.