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Staying away from Bicep Tears

Is there a way to help stay away from such things as this ? I didn’t say COMPLETELY away from them, but … is there a few things a person could do to help prevent them ?

I’m just wondering because when I start getting into the 550+ lb area for my deadlift … I don’t want to be smoking it … then all of a sudden my bi tears. I do a switched grip when I preform them. I was pondering going regular, but when I do them w/o straps, I find it easier to hold on the bar.

Maybe some GPP bicep work ? As I don’t train my biceps in westside, should I incorporate some bicep band stuff maybe ?


Training and stretching, particularly the latter. And don’t let your shoulders droop excessively in the lift, that’ll put more strain on the bicep.


A few sets for your elbow flexors once or twice a week will usually be sufficient for “safeguarding” against bicep tears. This is quite common in a Westside program. Of course, nothing will prevent a tear if your form is bad, so make sure you’re not “pulling” with your biceps when deadlifting (lock those tris).

Elbow flexors ?

Thanks for the replies guys.

Just do some hammer curls and/or regular dumbell curls once a week, perfect your form, and as KnightRT mentioned (which, by the way, is a very important aspect) stay flexible in that area.

“Elbow flexors?”-Elbow flexors is just another term for the biceps.