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Stay with Andro Gel?

21yrs old test levels
416 ng/dL and Free Test 75.0 pg/mL
Doctor put me on androgel its been 2 weeks and it worked a little at first maybe but now my levels feel lower than ever I’m planning on stopping tomorrow and taking a PCT or test booster until I can schedule an appointment with a good endocrinologist. I don’t want to keep taking something that’s going to shut down my natural production with no benefits.

Good luck. Few seem to have much success with gel, and the pricing is steep for an unending treatment. It may be difficult to find an endo willing to write T when you’re around 400. It’s low for your range, but the doctor will probably look at the 300-1000 range in the lab results and not realize how low 400 is for someone your age.

At your age, I’m a little surprised that your doc put you on androgel without further testing to find out why your T is low.

What symptoms did you have that led you to be tested in thee first place?

Low T at 21? Something’s wrong!

Unless the gel was diagnostic, you need to find a real doctor.

Like everyone else said, get a real doc and a full set of blood tests. My first doc rushed to Androgel as well with only a blood test of total testosterone and prolactin. Read the stickies for all of the stuff to include in your blood test, a new doc will hopefully listen to your request if you make a reasonable request for a specific test, know the reason why to ask for each test. First find if you are primary secondary with a real blood test and then work it from there with a good doc if you can find one.