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stay at a low bf

Do you think, it’s a good idea to take T2 (the old one) AFTER a diet to keep the bf low? I’m afraid of supressing my thyroid even more.
Would taking ephedrine be the better solution? Or do you have other ideas what I can do to achieve a new, low setpoint?

If you haven’t already been doing HIIT then I would throw some in while increasing calories. I did this last summer and got leaner.

take t2-pro if you don’t want thyroid shutdown while recovering. laters pk

Well, I’m doing some kind of interval training already 3 x a week. And I don’t have access to t2pro or hr.
Do you think, ephedrine will supress thyroids as well?

This is a very intriguing topic. It is ultra hard to stay at low body fat levels. I am looking for good information on this as well. How are you controlling the insatiable desire to binge, particularly if your set point is not at the low end. I am looking to alter my set-point as well.

well through the help of Tampa-Terry I was able to maintain bodyfat levels of below 5% for a consistent 3-4weeks. I had a really big fight and needed to loose and maintain weight throughout my training, I just rather focus on training and eating rather than starving and depleted myself of water before the fight weigh in.

Anyways, TT sent me a little basic essay on how she thought I should go about it… It by no means was anything pleasent or anything to look forward to as far as eating goes. It did contain refeeds every so often, because of my metabolism speed I was able to refeed with all three macros instead of just high carb type refeeds. Binges were out of the question as I had to watch how much? refeeds were tailored. I by no means felt like I was starving, I ate clean and averging from 2500-3000 calories. Then every two days I had a refeed that lasted from 4-6 hours. A tab bit more complicated than this but it lasted for quite some time, I actually got down to 3.6% with this, I looked like a skeleton from my neck up, cheek bones popping out and eyes bigger than normal. That’s what renegade training, boxing, and HIIT will do for you… Yup all in one day, 5 days a week.

Da Boxer

Ups, I don’t intend to stay at below 5%… that’s extremely low. No, I was thinking about keeping something between 5 and 7%.
But I think a low-calorie approach with refeeding after working-out could be a possibility for me as well.
Thanks for your input, boxer.