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Status Update w/ Labs

I’ve been lurking on this site for the last couple months doing research in to restarting TRT. As of a week ago I restarted through a much better clinic that will allow me some freedom in how I dose. I regrettably didn’t do my research the first time which led to two week shots and too much AI which had me on an emotional and physical roller coaster. This time I’m determined to do it right.

As of now my protocol (per the clinic PA) is 200mg/week of Test Cypionate as a single shot on Thursdays (2 so far). I personally think this is a little too much but I thought this may get me through the first 6 weeks where my body stops producing T. I am doing home injections so I can modify this now or in the near future. No AI since I know to wait for symptoms if any.

Surprisingly I am already experiencing more energy but that hasn’t necessarily been a good thing. I haven’t been sleeping well the last week and last night woke up feeling like me skin was warm, sweating and my heartbeat was higher than normal. After about two hours I was able to fall back asleep. I know my hormones are all messed up with introducing an outside source of T but is it too late to lower my dosage and start injecting multiple times per week. I feel like 200mg all at once is hard for me to handle right at the beginning. My original plan was to back off the dosage and start injecting EOD at the end of the first 6 weeks.

On another subject, my TSH is still in the normal range but on the high side. The clinic PA was willing to address it now with additional testing but I wanted to wait and not do too much at once so that I could assess how the TRT was going. Any thoughts on this?


Pre-TRT blood results:

That is probably an E2 spike. It’ll calm down with time, or a smaller shot, or smaller more frequent shots.

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I am on 200mg/ml/week and feel great. I’m given the option to do once and week or split twice a week. I opt for the latter. Never had a problem with highs and lows, but supposedly doing .5ml 2x/week (100mg/2x/week) May help with this. I also take HCG 250iu 2x and 1mg AI/2x/week. On the following schedule.

Monday: T
Tuesday: AI
Wednesday HCG
Thursday T
Friday AI
Sat: HCG

Trt is very individual, so what works for me may not work for you. Many have had an improvement lowering the dose… I feel great where I am.

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Thanks for sharing your protocol. I’m leaning towards riding this out for a few weeks and if the anxious feeling doesn’t go away at night I’ll probably split it up like you’re doing.

I don’t know of any men on TRT with a TSH 3.0> who feel remarkable on TRT. TSH is indicating subclinical hypothyroidism and this will make TRT less effective.

Some men don’t tolerate HCG and some men are AI over-responders and can’t touch the stuff without suffering.

A 0.050 anastrozole wrecks my knees and hips, even at 1/8 the dose. This should have been no surprise to me because I’ve always over-respond to all medications and supplements.

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Sounds like I need to look in to my thyroid sooner than later then. It’s not too surprising because I have family members who have dealt with hypo thyroid most of their lives. Besides fatigue I’ve never suffered from any symptoms of it but that may explain why I never felt great on trt before.

Yes, have free T3 and free T4 tested. Ask the doctor to contact the lab and add reverse T3 if they look good.

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To add to this, my last three labs have been high for TSH… hovering around 4.5-5.4. Going to the doc this week to test Thyroid. I’m curious to see how this affects me.

Personally no issue with HCG and AI. We will see how Armour Thyroid or the like would affect this. But going from 118 Total T to where I am at now, I can say I feel the effects of TRT even with high TSH!!

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Here is a thorough list of thyroid labs to get so that you have it on hand. Just in case your doc is not that knowledgeable on the subject and tries to do TSH & T4 only.

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That’s perfect, thanks!

I’m going to be making an appointment with an endo so if I get thyroid treatment that will at least be through insurance. Maybe I can actually find one that will write me a trt script but I’d probably have to drag out my blood tests from 2016 when my total t was in the mid to low 200’s. Good diet, exercise and more sleep got my total up in the 400’s but my free remained low.

Be prepared to be told you are fine if your TSH is within range.


TRT Status Update:

I just completed my 5th week of injections. Weeks 1-2 I was having trouble sleeping, anxiety and “heat flash” issues within the first couple days after the injection. Weeks 3-4 all the negative symptoms went away and my energy was up, libido/performance was great and overall I just felt good. Starting week 5 to now (end of week 5) my energy and libido seem to be way down.

I’m assuming what I’m feeling now is the result of my natural production shutting down. Any idea how long it takes to get back to feeling like I did in weeks 3-4?

8 weeks from the start for me gets me to where I start feeling better and the point where I think about adjusting doseage.

Ok thanks, so hopefully I only have a few weeks to get back to feeling good again. It was nice feeling like I was 20 years old again.

You’ll likely feel better at 8 weeks. Since you’ve been a member here for 3 weeks I take you know TRT is a slot machine when you start. Everyone starts with the expectations of hitting 7-7-7 on the first dose. Most end up having to pull the slot a couple times until they hit jackpot. The good thing is each dose tells you where to go next and if you’ve read even the smallest amount here you’ll be able to know which way to go at that time. Good luck my friend. You’ll be jacked and pounded the finest of tang (the poon variety) before you know it. I myself pounded such yang a mere few hours ago.


First 7-8 weeks I was all over the place too. I’d start feeling a little better then get super frustrated when I felt worse for a few days/weeks

I’d ride it out for now and give it the 7-8 weeks

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He ended up only running FT3, FT4 and TSH. I ended up with a prescription for 75mcg of levothyroxine once per day. Does this seem reasonable? It seems like quite a few on here are believers in supplementing T4 and T3 not just T4 like levothyroxine.

IMO, it’s worth trying first as it’s def the simplest thyroid med. Try it and see how you feel.

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If rT3 is high, then levothyroxine is not the right move because T4 will just increase rT3 more. If rT3 is not elevated, then a mixture of T4+T3 is what you want to do.

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I go back to the clinic I get my TRT prescription from in two weeks. They shouldn’t have a problem running rT3 so I’ll make sure to check it then.