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Stats to Succeed in Strongman?


I train regularly, but was interested in training and competing in strongman.
I am 6’5" and 375lbs.

What stats(Bench, Deadlift, Squat) should be a goal to succeed in Strongman competitions?


Powerlifting total stats aren’t going to help determine success in strongman, because strongman isn’t powerlifting.

You need to be able to hit a high 1 rep max, sure, on overhead pressing and deadlifts, but you ALSO need to be able to crank out 10+ reps with a decent weight on those movements as well. AND you need to be able to move quickly with implements in your hands, on your back, and in your arms, to say nothing of your ability to load stones.

Your best bet is to sign up for a local show, see how you do, and see what you are weak in. Look at what the top guys are putting up.


What stats in general would be a good base strength?


It’s going to depend on who is competitive in your region if your goal is to succeed in competitions.

Seriously, your best bet is to just go do a competition. Don’t worry about base strength stats. Competitions vary wildly in weights.


You can succeed with brute strength and make up for a lack of technique or you can succeed with superior technique and tactics. I have beaten a lot of guys in particular events despite them having much higher 1 RMs then me.

I very much agree with @T3hPwnisher that you should sign up for a competition and just get a feel for it.

Also bench pressing is no event in strongman, so a gigantic bench isn’t bringing you that far. Focus more ion overhead lifting! Squatting is important but rarely an event (actually it never is one where I am - sadly).


There are and have been many pro’s of different weight classes that have tracked their gym lifts via youtube and training logs. You’ll find there’s a great diversity in strength in 1 rep maxes.

There are static monsters, and then there are guys who are not nearly as strong at the big three, but still manage to conquer their field. Strongman has tons of wiggle room, because there’s so many facets. Keep that in mind.

Basically…just worry about you being stronger than you. Let go of the insecurity and just go compete. Get good at everything!


I am thinking about doing my first competition this weekend:
Farmers Carry 120’ in 60 secs
Axle clean and press for reps in 60 secs
Carry and Drag 60’ in 75 sec
Yoke Carry 120’ in 60sec
Conan’s Wheel

Any tips on any of these events?


If you’ve never used strongman implements, this is just about as bad as it gets lol At least there is no dumbbell.


Do you already have experience with any of these implements? What weights for the events?


I do not have any experience with any strongman implements.


Is there a novice class available? If not, I would consider going and watching the event rather than competing. The super heavyweight class will have incredibly heavy implements to move, and if you’re not familiar with them, you’ll likely take a bunch of zeroes. Unless you’re already incredibly strong, of course. What are your stats? Overhead press and squat are the most relevant.

If there IS a novice class, I’ll give a run down of things to keep in mind for each event.

Also, what is the competition? Is it USS or NAS sanctioned? I was gonna look it up and see what the prescribed weights are.


There is a Novice class, its the Rapids River days strongman in Sauk Rapids MN

It is NAS sanctioned.

I can overhead press 280, and squat over 300 somewhere I haven’t maxed out in a long time. Bench even though its not relevant 340lbs


Your overhead press is miles ahead of your squat. Just fyi.

So, I think you’re strong enough to go ahead and compete. Fortunately, the axle clean and press is only one clean, and then you press it out for reps. You should be good for a lot of reps at 175 lbs. And even without having experience cleaning an axle, I’d bet you’ll figure out how to get one clean out of it. That will be the first event, and you’ll likely have the most time to warm up for it. I’d suggest getting to the venue early, loading up an axle with 175, and try cleaning it on your own. If you fail, get another competitor’s advice on how to do it.

The yoke is 500 lbs, and your max squat is in the 300’s. That’s gonna be rough. Keep your core as tight as possible, and make short, choppy steps to get the yoke moving. Don’t try to go too fast with it, you won’t want to pick it up more than once. A drop would be very detrimental. This will be a very mentally challenging event, as you aren’t used to having that much weight on your back. Just do your best to push through it.

The conan’s wheel is even more mentally challenging. It will be crushing your lungs, so proper breathing is the key here. You’ll lean back a little with your upper body, and just start walking in a circle. I suck at this event, so I don’t have much else to add… maybe someone else can chime in. Since this is max distance, a steady pace will be the most important thing. Just keep moving until time is called.

No tips for the carry and drag. This is a really simple event.

For the farmers carry, make sure you pay attention to where you grip the handles. Grip the same on each handle. Also, I recommend being half an inch to an inch behind the center of the handle with your grip, so that the front of the handles tilt slightly forward. Or you can grip right in the middle, that works too. Just don’t grip farther forward than that.

This is a tough comp. 3 moving events will be very taxing. If you’ve only really trained static lifts before, like bench deadlift and squat, and other barbell stuff, this is as different from that as you can get. But I think that’s a good thing. It will challenge you and give you an idea if this is the sort of thing you want to pursue.


That yoke, after a carry and drag is going to suck elephant balls.

You’re going to be doing a bunch of new movements so pace yourself. You’re there to learn and experience, not win.