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Stats, Goals, and Cycle Plans ~ Critique Wanted



Hey everyone. Im Sean, and planning on starting my first cylcle in a few weeks. The problem is Im hearing conflicting info from two different people close to me, and Im not sure which route to choose. So here are my stats, goals, and then my cycle plans.

Im 23, 5'8" tall, 183 pounds. my BF % (estimating)is around 12-14%, last time i checked was last year at 10.5% at 165lbs. Still lean.

I have been involved in training since I was 17, which started when I was playing football. Also spent 5 years in the military, so my overall conditioning is not bad.

My main goal with this cycle is mass and strength, I dont have a specific weight target, but I plan to start with total cals around 3500, around 30% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fats.. adjusting according to my weight gain, and how i respond to the cycle..

with my training plan.. I plan to use a bill starr 5x5 single factor progression..if you want me to be more specific about exercise selection and weights let me know, but I dont think its really necessary to my question, so i'll skip it for the time being.

Weeks 1-10 400mg weekly Test Enthanate, + EQ 250mg weekly
No frontload, but weeks 1-4 Dbol 40mg per day

21 days after last shot:

thanks again


You said your goal was size and mass- stanazolol is not for size and mass. There's no point for you to use it and by getting rid of it you won't be running orals for nearly 10 weeks straight. Plus, that's probably too much for a first cycle anyway. (Might also want to consider running Dbol at 30-40mg/day instead of 40g a day, lol)

How do you figure you'll lose more of your gains on a ten week cycle than you would on a six? Do you think 4 three-weekers would yield even better results? Think about the compounds you are proposing to run...6 weeks with Test E and no frontload. Think it over.


Correction: Femera .25g ED, or 0.5g EOD on cycle
*dbol *40mg/day


Test dose is too low, EQ pretty pointless for 5 weeks and I hope you mean 40MG of Dbol and not 40 GRAMS ed. You have alot of reading to do, stop listening to meatheads at the gym and do some research into how to put together a cycle for yourself. Start with the stickies here.

Also why run two orals that are used for conflicting purposes during the same cycle when you state you have only one goal?

PCT is pretty S*** too, start again by doing some research. I hope you do not go through with this cycle...



okay PCT improvement..
since using Teste Enthanate I read most users wait 3 weeks until starting pct

how about starting day one loading with 80mg. Then 40 per day after that for week 1..
Reducing to 20mg daily for another 3 weeks, or a 60/40/40/20.


wks 1-16 300-600mg test e
wks1-15 EQ 600mg
wks 1-4/6 drol, dbol, or winny
wks 1-18 letro @1/4 tab e3d or eod
wk1-18 adex .5mg e3d or eod
PCT wks 19-22/23 nolva 20mg/clomd 50mg.
hcg 500iu wks 3-18(last pin 4 days before pct begins)
OR hcg 1000iu wks15-18

Done being spoon fed?


18 weeks of supression, would you choose a SERM PCT over Prisioners Stasis/Taper PCT?


Either way would work fine, I have not tried the taper so cant speak by personal experience-Im sure the taper isnt the only way. Just saying.

Another option is to run a longer pct. instead of 4 wks, push it to 5-6 wks. and add peps like mod grf (1-29) and ghrp6 or ghpr2 for a few months.

GHRP @100mcg 2-3x day, GRF (1-29) @50-100mcg 2-3x day. morning, postWO, and bedtime. on empty stomach, eating 20-30 mins post injection.


I hope that was a failed attempt at being sarcastic. This is his FIRST cycle and you propose that he run 1400mg of gear a week?? (going with the conservative estimate of Dbol @ 30mg/day) And for SIXTEEN WEEKS?

Before he edited his post he was proposing a moderate, beginner 10 week cycle. It still needed some work because clearly he's already confused enough about what to do, but you're just making it worse.


Thanks for the support TQ... I didnt really take that post seriously anyways. The PM from you is all I need, and if I have any questions I'll just direct them to you via PM. I'm just going to leave this thread as it is, and save myself from any further "spoon feeding"....
appreciate your help :slightly_smiling:


I missed that this is his first cycle, I based my posts off his first post proposing EQ, which is at a very useless low dose, whch is why I corrected the layout of an EQ cycle. Seeing its his first cycle the layout I did is useless to him, and shouldnt cause any confussion because its table scraps to him.