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Stationary Bike Trainer for Endurance Rides

Anyone on here do any road cycling and if so, have you/do you use an indoor trainer at all?

I’ve recently starting cycling and managed to get my hands on an indoor trainer for when the weather is shit etc.

How do you guys use them if at all? I don’t think the resistance is at a point where sprints would be overly benefitial but I’m certainly open to suggestions.

Or is it a tool better suited to long duration rides?

What kind of trainer do you have? I use trainerroad for indoor cycling. It’s a subscription service. There are hundreds of workouts and specific plans based on your goals. Works great. Been using it for years,
trainerroad .com

@roadie might have some input as well.

Basically as above. You can’t beat TR for structured training plans.

Zwift is great if you want less tractor but want to make training fun and engaging

Zwift seems to be all the rage these days. Thx for the TR hint.
I’ve been doing some of the indoor workouts on GCN as you don’t need to be hooked up and they are free :wink:

Awesome cheers fellas!