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Stationary Bike HIIT


Hey just wondered would u consider this a good fat loss method. i do 5 min warm up followed by 1 minute all out sprint 1 minute easy ( i do it 10 times altogether) and then 5 minutes cool down. what u think do i need to change anything?




this is the comment i have been waiting for, this changes everything; with ur lol i know there's something wrong with my plan


nothing wrong...just give it a try. The lol was because there are literally hundreds of other factors that will determine whether or not you lose fat. You have to eat the part and train the part. Check out the archives for articles on HIIT. There are a lot that will help you figure out a good place to start and where to fit it into your training. Hope that makes sense. Good luck.


Have you checked out the beginners forum?

You'll find people will just ignore posts like yours. They do this mostly because these are normally troll posts or people who haven't bothered to do any reading at all before posting. Also, you're grammar/typing is cringe-worthy and that alone could elicit an "lol." Are you extremely young perhaps?


We need pics, your numbers, and your goals.
Without them, this post is useless.

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im 1.75 and 86-88 kg, around 17 % BF and my goal is to drop 5-7% BF. i'll be using yohimbine hcl and l-tyrosine also to boost effect


that's a good warmup.


It can aid in fat loss if you're expending more calories than you consume. If you're still operating in a caloric surplus, then no, it won't help fat loss.