Statins/Niacin for Elevated Cholesterol On Cycle?

Not sure if this is the right place for this on the forum but every time I cycle my cholesterol values or out of wack.i have read niacin is really good for lowering LdL and raising HDL but I don’t know if it’s as potent In those regards as statins alltho from what I have read statins are bad when your taking steroids because of possible increased liver damage.any help on this would be much appreciated .do you think I should give niacin ago or do you think the possible extra liver damage from statins and steroids is worth the risk for better cholesterol values

How bad are your values? Mine always get a little out of range an cycle but return once off. I have taken niacin previously and it seamed to help a very little but cut out all supps to try and find out what’s causing my acid reflux. I’ll stress it was very little help and the doc said he wouldn’t bother with it for such little benefit.

I am on statins for life as they are prescribed for me.
Steroids or no, my AST and ALT is around 100 for like 10 years.
Will be doing an USG of internal organs next week tho.

Anyways, cholesterol is not THAT big of a deal. What it does - is.
My grandmother had tripple the norm of LDL all her life and she just hit 80.
You have to check out your heart and artheries if you want to be sure. Cholesterol numbers themselves dont matter much if your artheries are clean and heart pumps good and there is no LVH.

What’s LVH

My values last time on cycle was 3.23 or 3.28 for LdL and a low HDL number can’t remember I read that anywhere from 3.43 and above is a serious risk of heart attack my nonhdl cholesterol ratio was pretty bad to

I am on a statin as well. It keeps my lipid values in check. My HDL still suffers from DHT compounds but I DO NOT use orals because of the statin. Best thing you can do is get a baseline Coronary Artery Calcium score. It will tell you if you have build up and then get one done every few years if you keep this lifestyle up. For example even before I started statins, with bad lipid values, I had a score of 0 on the CAC. Meaning no plaque or build up. Lipid values are something to be concerned about but they don’t necessarily mean heart issues.

Thank you.thank you everyone for all the reliable advice and help.

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I will try to get that it a hard blood test to get from a doctor.

That’s not a blood test. Its a procedure.

What exactly do they do in this procedure

If you are referring to the CAC its basically a CT Scan of your heart. Costs about $100-150 out of pocket and you need a primary care referral.

Huh? Some guys have LDL double that on orals… some people have LDL of 3.5+ without being on anything

As a matter of fact… its quite common…

3.23 isnt anything to freak out about unless you’ve also got very low HDL and/or fucked up subfractions.

How do you get it checked

Go to your PCP and let them know you would like to have a Coronary Artery Calcium scan/score done. They will give you a referral. You then schedule your CAC (heart CT) and it costs about $100-150 out of pocket.