Statins and PEDs

I have read that oral 17a- alkylated are dangerous to take with statins due to the affect on the liver, I take it this rules out oxandrolone even though mild?
But as mesterolone isnt 17a it should be ok to take?
Are there other oral’s that could be added to a TRT dose of test for a “kick”?

I havent noticed that my enzymes would be much worse on statins + orals than they are on statins alone… mine are 70-100 all the time… maybe best case they would be 65-75 with no orals and jump up to 100-110 on heavy orals but its not that big of an increase… you need to be in houndreds to be really concerned, and real damage is probably done when they are in 500-1000.

As far as adding orals to TRT for a “kick” - its complete shit in my opinion. Just be honest to yourself - you want to use steroids, so you want to gain something, so you probably have some goals.
You mask it under a “kick” so its sounds less serious than a “blast”. There is no such thing as a kick. There is only a blast or there is a shitty poorly planned blast, like its in your case - you blast would be a shit dose of anavar, or… proviron? Cmon.
First of - orals are often more harmful than injectables. But you cant base your blast(yes, you want to do a blast, not a “kick”) on orals because its just not worth it.

Anavar is mild mg per mg maybe, but since its taken in large amounts, the whole mildness goes out the window. 10mg of anavar for a male is mild. Much milder than 20mgs of dbol. But then again most people get good effect on 20mgs of dbol while Var is used up to a 100mgs a day. At the end - i dont think its that much milder.

Its a psychological thing for some - you want to mask your blast under “a kick” so you dont feel like you are on a blast BUT what happens is you end up on a shitty blast and get no results. Everything OVER or ADDED to a cruise or trt is A BLAST. What changes is that its either a good blast or its a stupid one. If you can call your blast “a kick” its just a shitty blast. Dont do shitty blast. Either you blast or you dont.

You will be much better off with just upping your test dose for starters. If you can get Var, you can get UGL test to add to your TRT.

Now, if you want “a kick” as an actual kick - HGH and Insulin wont do anything to your hormones, but it will be an actual kick for your TRT dose of test.
After being on grams of shit, i dropped down to 250mgs of test with added insulin and i continued to progress at 260lbs.


Testosterone propionate, but instead of taking it orally you inject it.


I agree with this. A lot of the “mild” steroids are taken in large amounts, which negates some of the mildness of the steroid. Some are better even in high dosages than others, but there is nothing for free in AAS.

Thanks for the detailed reply, I do feel slightly guilty for possibly wasting your time as I didn’t include any info about me, such as why I referred to a kick not a blast. First you are totally correct, I do want to take steroids, if I was 10 years I’d try tren and everything else. I really like drugs, never hidden the fact.

My TRT is self prescribed. I normally use 180mg a week but much prefer to be at 250mg, this makes me feel very good and recover from exercise (my 2 reasons for higher dosing). However that’s not good long term.
I’m 57, slim and have no desire to put on a lot of weight, especially water weight or fat then dieting. I take “higher” doses so I can go to the gym 5 times a week and still move the next day.
When I’ve added 20mg of oxandrolone I’ve felt great, 20mg of proviron makes me feel good and randy as a badger.
I don’t think anavar is weak, I think its mild on your system compared to a lot of other drugs. I also cant imagine needing 100mg a day, possibly if I was younger and built.

I am looking at HGH and likely to start in the next few months (currently doing MK677, mainly as it helps my sleep and gives me mad dreams, anything else is a bonus).
One of the things holding me back is also why I don’t try @iron_yuppie suggestion of the test. p daily and thats the large amount of needles you’d use.
Yep, I honestly cant stand the idea of using that much single use plastic if I can use something else (hence orals).
I honestly have no issue injecting myself (currently doing test twice a week and HCH twice a week, tried mixing the test and HCG and I messed it up, so 4 needles for me). but when I die and I meet David Attenborough in heaven I want to be able to hold my head up high…

I did think that test in higher doses would be the preferred option but was asking just in case. Thanks all for your suggestions, hopefully I’ve explained myself a bit clearer.

that is definetly not the time to fuck your lipids down the train… that age is when heart disease happens, and you dont want your HDL below 0,5 and LDL in the sky, right? Anavar will do that to you in 2 days.

For anti aging i definetly believe GH is the best option, but it also has to be done every day.
MK is not the same, not at all, but is pretty good.

If i was 57, id probably be on 200 test + gh… Maybe up it a bit. If you are on TRT then just up the enanthate or whatever you take in a controled maner and it will be ok.
The risk of EQ upping your hematocrit is another risk factor at 45+…
People who take steroids start dropping dead after 45. You are 10 years past that, i dont think its the age to experiment. At least, if i would make it that far, that is definetly when i would stop and be afraid of everything about steroids, haha :smiley:

Also, if you dont recover on around 200mgs at the age of 57, i dont think steroids are the issue. Its probably that you dont have an adequate programming.
200mgs are supposed to take you to the level of 18 year old, imo. 250mgs is WAAAAAY over the normal level of a young male. If you dont recover, its your training and nothing will help with that.

As someone who pinned daily for nine months this one hit me in the feels. I totally get it, man.

I pin daily up to 4 pins. Test and GH every day, and on training days also 2 shots of slin.

If you could get either Test prop or Test ace, which one would you use?


1-2 hours of roid rage and then you’re done. Great drug.

Also, mostly joking. But I have tried it.


Prop because it’s slightly more forgiving if you miss a day. Plus it’s quite plentiful.

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So it looks like HGH is in my future, I’ll post any questions in a seperate thread but thanks to all for this one.

Re. recovery, yes my training could do with revising but I do currently enjoy it. Today I did a bit of grappling and padwork. Tomorrow morning I’d expect no issues with arms or shoulders but I will ache around my lower back and sides. On 180mg of test a week I would expect that to go after moving around for a while (obviously it may be my mattress causing some discomfort) on 250mg of test I’d hope to wake up fresh as a daisy. Really heavy (for me) weights would normally not ache too much but I may feel tired later in the day, especially if I’d done similar within a day or so.

I wont start a training log as I’m all over the place and happy about that but will post asking about specific things now and again. Thanks again for replying.