Statins and Losing Weight/Building Muscle?

I just returned from my doctor visite, and he wants me to take Rosuvastatin (Crestor) 10mg every day at bedtime as my LDL is sky high.
He told me that its genetic problem and I must take a statin for the whole life.
Strangely enough, I am not surprised, well I already have much other genetic ****s going on so nothing new here.
I have been born with a chromosome abnormality, something called Klinefelter syndrome.
I have been on TRT since I discovered my issue with chromosomes (7 years ago).
Aside from my ****ed up metabolic, I managed to lose weight by going throw surgery “sleeved” in the past April and lately going to gym four days a week for past two months, I managed to lose almost 45kg (100lbs) since then.
My question is with the late news of having to take Crestor do you think this drug will impact my weight loss? Do I still gain muscle by going to the gym while on Crestor 10mg?

my TRT protocol is the following :
100 T -e ever three days
250 HCG, and .25 Arimidex ever another day.
I have a clean, balanced diet, lifting heavy four days a week, jogging for 3 hours a week.
180 cm hight, 122 kg. 33 years old male. Beside my testicular failure due to chromosome count issue, every thing is fine healthwise.

please help
Many thanks.

My ex was on Crestor and unfortunately it caused horrible joint,tendon, wrist etc problems. He was 49. It also caused him to crave sugar so of course he gained. But my experience with medications is that each person is different. I had been misdiagnosed with epilepsy and neuro put me under every med under the sun and I’d have crazy reactions. But mo fo put me on topamax which fed into losing my appetite and weight. but this isn’t about me, it’s about you. I’d say keep journals of how you feel, your appetite, your joints, sleep etc so your doc can document your status. Plus, he/she is less likely to say ding…next patient plz. Best of health to ya!

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I’ve taken it two years now with no issues that I can tell.
Medic showed my chlorosterol was 162 last time without even fasting.

What are your LDL & HDL values?? sometimes doctors prescribe drugs even if you do not need them. There are other alternatives for reducing ldl.

Great Question

The majority of doctors “Hand” statins out like candy for no reason. Doctors are uneducated in understanding how to read a blood lipid profile. The ONLY look at your LDL number which tell you nothing by itself.

What you need to know about…


It it composed of Particle A, good, and Particle B, bad, LDL.

If you have a higher level of Particle A, you don’t have a problem.

If you have a high level of Particle B, you have a big problem.

A lab test for Particle Size will tell you which you have more and less of. However, doctors NEVER request it or tell you about it.

HDL and Triglcyerides

HDL and Triglycerides are the determinate factor in determine if you which Particle Size you have more or less of.

Specifically, you Triglyceride:HDL Ratio will tell you.

  1. Low Triglycerides and High HDL means you have more Particle A than B. This is good.

  2. High Triglycerides and Low HDL means you have more Particle B than A. This means (as per Dr Robert Lustig) that “You are a heart attack waiting to happen”.

With that said, the majority of doctors ONLY look at your LDL number to determine your health/risk factor.

That amount to seeing someone laying down with their eyes shut and declaring them dead. Unless you check to see if they are breathing and their heart is beating, you don’t know.

The same applies to look at Triglyceride and HDL numbers.


Research shows that statins don’t provide any decrease in cardiovascular issues. Those taking a statin don’t outlive those not taking it.

Statin provide many with a “False Positive”. You number look good but your health risk doesn’t decrease.

Part of that issue has to do with individuals who don’t have and LDL problem being place on the medication.

Other factors that contribute to the over prescribing of statins is that the doctors have fallen behind with the current research and don’t know and aren’t interested.

Also, statins are money makers for the pharmaceutical companies. They spend tons of money, screaming the wonders of statins. It paralleling the marketing of Oxycotin that has been promoted as a “Wonder Drug” but has turned into nightmare.

The information that I have presented is easily found on line.

This takes us back to…


What are your LDL, HDL and let me add your Triglyceride values?

Without looking at those number, you and you doctor as clueless.

Kenny Croxdale


here is my blood work results .

also, my A1C is 5.4 %, do I need to start metformin too? ( I guess it fine all the way to 5.5%) ?

By "sleeved"do you mean you had some kind of gastric bypass?

Have you been eating particularly low carbs to lose weight?

5.4 is fine, but you may have been much higher when you weighed 100 pounds more. I had a 5.5 at one point, lost 20 pounds and was down to 5.0 due to mild calorie restrition for only about 12 weeks. You may have staved off diabetes. I don’t know what the IR-resistance means but it looks like it is not bad, and it should be a direct measure of insulin levels. A 90 fasting blood sugar is fine if you are eating a fairly low carb diet. Low carb diets actually produce slightly higher fasting blood sugars.

Triglycerides can be reduced by losing more weight around the liver, reducing sugar and alcohol intake. They tend to be a sign of insulin resistance at the liver, but you may have had liver insulin resistance which is improving. Did you have any test records from before the weight loss? LDL can be elevated due to sugar and high omega-6 fat sources.

If you could describe your diet it might help, but I can only give generalizations.

“sleeved” is Gastric sleeve surgery (vertical sleeve gastrectomy) removes about 80% of the stomach.
my diet is more of a Mediterranean diet, most of my meals based on seafood or cheeses a slice or two of toast per day drinking wine maybe once or twice a month, also I am eating very few as my stomach is tiny.
I think based on this test results you are right I dodged a bullet :smile. I guess I were at the edge of diabetes I never thought of making blood test when I was almost at 400lbs! But now after I lost 100lbs I am alive and less depressed.
I started taking Crestor 10mg at night and aspirin, I have only noticed a mild pain in my ankle but more than that everything seems Okay. Hope this won’t go crazy at some point.