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Static Stretching?

Hey all. Just wondering what people’s ideas are on static stretching? I see lots of advice on the Agile 8 and other forms of predominantly dynamic stretching, but do you guys use post workout static stretching or static sessions on rest days etc?

Agile 8 first thing in morning. (5-10 min)
Static stretching last thing before bed. (5-10 min)
Have done that or similar since original 531 and actually before that, over almost 16/18 years.
It’s so ingrained, it’s effort and thoughtless and not even seen as part of my training, rather more like my daily routine that runs on auto. It’s this that I believe has me feeling so supple and mobile.
Highly recommend it.

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I train every other day (WALRUS style).
I static stretch on the other days, 60+ minutes.

Prior to training I do some light mobility but AMAZINGLY, I don’t have to do that much due to the hour I spend on the other days. Static stretching, believe it or not, doesn’t give you AIDS. Highly recommended.

Note: it is ONE way, not the only way. The problem arose when “stretching” became leperous within the Nut Gobblers Association. Lots of ways to skin a pussy.


Everything is fashion. I’ve read about how static stretching reduces power output, and that’s a popular view right now - but you see people from a couple of decades ago like Bruce Lee doing tons of static stretching, and he seemed pretty powerful…

My most specific question is regarding immediately post workout. I’ve seen your recommendations in your books for a dynamic stretch, with elements of static, pre workout, but just wondering if you and others do a stretch post workout too?

I Walrus train every other day.
As it is usually in the evening, my pre bed stretching could be seen as “post workout stretching.”

Also, I do lots of jumping jack variations, lots of bodyweight movements or shadow boxing combinations, hurdling movements etc in the morning daily after my agile 8.

The fact that some sort of stretching/movement is done, many times over the course of the day, probably removes the need, for me anyway, to focus on the idea of having to static stretch pre or post workout.

So no, I don’t specifically stretch post workout.

No more barbell training at the moment?