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Static Stretching on Off Days



I know this has probably been brought up a bunch of times already, but I did search a few pages and could not find anything satisfactory.

Here is my issue.

I would like to incorporate stretching into my life. From what I understand for the reading I did on Testosterone, Dynamic stretching is for before a workout.

But what of static stretching. I am usually bored as hell on off days so can I do static stretching on my days off? Or how about every night before bed?

Thanks so much..


Do it on your days off. Do it every night. Do it before bed. Whatever. It's never a bad thing, but I do agree to go with Dynamic stretching before your workouts and the absolute best time for static stretching is AFTER you workout. If you got the time.


Do people not read the title of the topic they are posting. It seems that lots of people spell titles of posts wrong, not just here though. It really bugs me.

Anyway, it is good to stretch everyday as it increases flexibility, thats why yoga people are so flexible.


Also try foam rollers. I have some soft tissue issues (bad left leg ITB), so I can easily kill 20-30 minutes on rollers and get the satisfaction that I'm doing something that will make next week's exercise more productive.

You can also take a walk or go for a bike ride, just keep it relatively short, and try to keep it mainly below your aerobic threshold. Search for articles and forum threads on "active rest" and "active recovery."

My wife usually has some chores lined up for my "days off." I've tried to convince her that active recovery is meant be pleasant, rejuvenating activity, and then suggest such an activity to give her an example. She always responds that watching her man do house work is known to be one of the best turn ons for a woman. I'm a stickler for the scientific method's demand for replicatable results :wink: