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Static Lunge Q

Got a quechin. I am currently rolling on Growth Surge part 3, after slappin on 10 lbs w/ mag10 and growth surge 2. I have a q about the static lunges- it bugs my bad knee (misalligned patella- but it is doing great as of late), and they burn like crazy in my quad, but are labelled as a hip dominate movement. Anybody have any tips on how to shift the emphasis from my quads? Or maybe a substitution suggestion? Thanks all. ps- ignore the bad spelling, im on break…

Well, lunges are tricky because the muscular focus changes with foot placement. Take a smaller step to maximize quad involvement and take a bigger step to focus on the glute/ham region.

Your leg should be far enough in front of you so that it never bends more than 90 degrees. The farther in front your leg is, the less emphasis will be on the quad/knee.

It all depends on how far you’re stepping out. Try various positions and see what works best for you. Personally, I prefer going down to the the 90 degree bend at the bottom.