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Static Holds


Anyone here do DL static hold on their own for grip strength? I love grip training however recently with the start of school I've been hard pressed finding time to do my grip workouts. I'm wanting to add DL fat gripz holds. Would the best day to do it as a finisher be on my heavy DL day?

I'm doing 531 BBB, with the BBB lifts alternated with the 531, ie: 531squat/BBB DL. I would like the either add in static holds, or farmers walks. Any input is appreciated.


For my grip training, all I do is at the end of the set I hold the weight for 20 secs. I maxed out one day after training grip this way and I held my max deadlift for almost 30 secs.


Those 'fat-gripz' holds can humble a lifter. While doing D.Bell holds I started using the fat-gripz on occasion. My PR with the 75 d.bells was just short of 4 minutes. The first time w/fat-gripz I only made it to 50 seconds.


I've recently incorporated these into my regime. So far I've not run into a problem with my grip but sometimes at the top I can slightly begin to feel my hand unravel which causes me to do a little shrug to get it up. I want to develop my grip strength way beyond my needs for the deadlift, so I'm working on holding weights heavier than I deadlift for time.


My only problem is I don't feel that Fat Gripz would be worth the 40 that they are, do you feel it is worth the price?


If you don't want to spend the $40, get two wipedown towels and wrap the barbell or dumbell. Adjustable too!


That is an awesome idea, I might try that sometime. Thanks for the idea.


Been doing it for years. Applies to deadlifts, pull ups, anything. I find it especially brutal on seated row.


I always try to hold my heaviest reps at the top, but I've never had a big problem with my grip. I've nonetheless recently purchased two captains of crush grippers and am feeling somewhat humbled. I know many here are proponents of these, so I'm going to stick to using them for a while and see how my "static holds" fare.


Or use those 'Fun Noodles' pool toys. Just trim to size

But they are worth the money IMHO. They are great for curls and pull ups too.


second the towel suggestion, you can also double the towel over a bar and grip the two ends together to make an old school grip trainer. challenge: break the towel, next time wrap it round the bar an extra time (new towel obviously), break it again...ad infinitum

also second the above that fat gripz are worth the money, solid as a rock, you can use them for pushing movements to take some pressure off the elbows, or put them in the middle of the bar to make a low board for bench. i like to use mine on warmup sets with almost all pulling movements (i never dead with them, but cleans are crazy), whip them off and you will rip those work sets with renewed confidence, unless of course its the first twenty times of using them, in which case you will clutch your forearms with a look of constipated anguish on your face until its time to do the next set...or at least i did.

also just get a heavy sledgehammer and swing that beast around. i got a 14lber a couple months back that is murdering my grip right now. aside from the inevitable general sledgehammer fun i do windmills with it as part of my warmup, you definitely have to focus on gripping very very hard. with the incentive being that if you dont its game over for your feet or the neighbours fence...be careful! the only mishap so far was fortunately a glancing blow which only left two of my toes blackened but not broken.