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Static Holds, Yoga, and Stretching on Off Days


I wanted to know other powerlifters opinions on static holds (planches, Manas, handstands) and yoga for stretching and keeping my muscles warm on my off days.

I used to do Allot of calesthetics, so I can still do all of these( exept the Mana because of flexibility issues). But I feel myself getting really tight in my joints as I push for higher numbers. (Both from lack of stretching and the amount of weight/strain put on them holding the weight) I was wondering what you guys thought of using these to stretch, core/stabilization accessory, and injury prevention. Or if you think it will worsen the problem. (I would do this briefly on my off days not complicate my workout)


Yoga and stretching( which is what yoga really is ) on off days should promote blood flow, recovery, strength and all that jazz.

2 hours of yoga might be a bit much, but 10-20 minutes is amazing. When I do my yoga I always feel better.

You need a level of tightness to move bigger weights, but you shouldn’t be so tight you can’t do simple tasks.


I usually do some lower body stretching on my non-squatting days, what I do is hold a doorknob or something of that sort and then sit down in a full squat position. Hold for 30 seconds, repeat 3-5 times until I feel somewhat loose. Seems to help with hitting squat depth, before I started doing that I had some days where I couldn’t break parallel no matter what I tried.

Other than that, releasing my hip flexors and working on other tight muscles with a theracane seems to be helpful.


I agree you need tightness to move big weights. But it’s in my joints not my muscles. I do not believe in stretching before you lift (atleast not passive stretching). But I don’t see how being more flexible in general would hurt.
For instance Days after really heavy benching (375+) I can not fully straighten my arms. My ligaments get really tight. That’s one thing I hope to be able to fix.

And yeah I was thinking more 15-20 minutes of stretching, not replacing my 2-2.5 hour routine.


I don’t disagree with you, but there is some evidence that stretching before training lifts that require a higher degree of flexibility (like snatch or c&j for example) can actually help to produce force from the end of the ROM. If you stretch your pecs and triceps before you bench then you will get the opposite effect, you will be weaker, unless you have a hard tie lowering a bar to your chest. Squat could be somewhere in the middle depending on your flexibility. I saw a post on Matt Wenning’s facebook page the other day, supposedly statically stretching the hip flexors before deadlifting can increase performance because they inhibit hip extension. It’s worth experimenting at the very least.


I’d agree. I tend to stay away from Oly lifts though because I had surgery on my shoulder so the quick motion is uncomfortable. For the big 3 I have better results warmed up rather than stretched


Yep. That for sure means you need some yoga, massage or something to get
that improved upon.


Do you guys equate stretching to body tempering, foam rolling, or other fascia or deep tissue manipulation?

I don’t have the experience you guys have but have found full posterior chain work with the ex wife pre squat improves my mobility to such an extant that I’ll attack the hole and squat with more confidence. With bench and deads, I’ve experienced no benefit from mobility work pre-workout.


No, they are entirely different. I only marginally stretch pre workout, it’s usually more of a dynamic stretch than anything.

Body tempering and RPR are the best thing on earth IMO, I really like body tempering for the hamstrings, calves, back and IT bands.

I like graston for my lats/triceps/forearms they always seem to get beat up and graston is about all that helps those.



Big fan of body tempering and have been using it with much success on the posterior chain, IT band, quads, adductors. I’ll have my trainer go over all of that today in fact as programming calls for a 2RM on deads with light bands.

I get work done a few times a month by a great sports therapist. She uses Graston in certain areas, especially pecs and ham/glute tie-in area. I don’t know how much it helps as I don’t get the immediate benefits like with body tempering. But I’ll stick with it for now.

The head coach at my gym does RPR. I need to get him to work my problem areas.


RPR is total body and it’s fantastic.

I touch myself for about 5-10 minutes before each training session and that’s the most of my warmup my body feels better than it has in a long time.


Yea, yoga, recovery stuff, extra mobility work I do all that on a separate occasion. Throw some here and there while doing cardio or throughout my accesory lifts (ex: Ill stretch my calves and lats after heavy deadlift session while Im doing core or biceps) however designating 15-30 min (usually in the evenings at home while the wife is putting my kid to sleep, Ill stretch out in front of the tv) just to stretch out everything then do some foam rolling and some mobility testing has made a large difference. Stretching is a combination of yoga poses, static stretching and dynamic.