Static Holds/Loaded Walks Ideas

One thing that I like to do is a front raise static hold (with a plate) for as long as I can…Does anyone else have any particular static holds/iso holds/ loaded walks that they like to do?

Here are some that I can think of at the moment…help me complete this list?

for static holds:
front squat
split squat
squat holding kettlebell

for carries:
this article: Boy, You Gotta Carry That Weight!

[quote]mrshah wrote:
Here are some that I can think of at the moment…help me complete this list?[/quote]
What are your goals for doing the holds/carries? What are you trying to get out of them?

You can do this with basically any exercise, holding the midpoint of the rep. Curls or pressdowns - holding arms at 90 degrees. Overhead pressing - holding the bar at forehead-level. Any kind of squat - obvious. Bent rows - holding just shy of the top position.

Dan John has a “nice” variation of farmer’s walks that he calls “Eagles” - farmer’s walk with DBs at your sides (like regular farmer’s), walk X distance, then clean the DBs and front squat for some reps, then more regular farmers, repeat. As he says, “If you can do eight sets of eight with this exercise (plus serious farmer walks in between) you are in rare air.” They’re killer.

I’ve also tried variations of that with regular farmer’s and DB deadlifts/squats, farmer’s and RDLs, and “front squat farmer’s” (holding the DBs at shoulder level) and DB deads/squats. Good, brutal stuff.

Overhead Carries with DB’s are fun.