States Rights

I would love to see less federal power in the U.S. and more power given to the individual states.

Who else feels this way and is tired of our huge centralized federal government?

I see its necessity in the post world war2 era. Our nation paid a huge cost with the cold war arms race but sooner or later we will have to lay down the burden and focus more on our own hemisphere.

The specter of a Russian, Islamic, and Chinese axis still frightens us for obvious good reason. But should it really? Don’t all nations fear provoking an all out existential war?

If we armed our own local land to the teeth what do we really have to fear from other nations.

If we maintained our navy closer to home and a bit more frugally it would still have very long and potent reach and cost a hell of a lot less.

Isn’t it time we gave up the dream of investing trillions more into middle eastern oil production and make our society a more sustainable decentralized and local based power.

Let the rest of the world carry the burden of settling their differences. Our big stick could be made a lot smaller and we would still not be a factor that other nations would take lightly.

Its clear that we haven’t the power or will to enforce humans to abandon their racist genocidal wars even if we weren’t completely bogged down in our strategic engagements. The war on terror is not a U.S. existential crisis that deserve near capacity engagement of our military ad infinitum.

Our nation is founded on the idea that the local people have the right to remove the power of centralized federal government at will. I’m not an extremist that thinks this is necessary. I do think the federal government is growing out of control and think it needs to be streamlined and its budget redistributed into state and local budgets.

Of course this doesn’t seem likely but there is nothing so forceful like an idea that time has come. History has never played favorites indefinitely.

Who is with me and wants to see our nation become less of a federal and worldwide power and more of a local fortress of our military tradition as well as our diverse culture.