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State Secession Thought Experiment?


Gives whole new meaning to HR.

“I’d like to have a baby with my wife.”.

Clicks some keys. Looks sternly at computer. “Hmm. Yeah… No. It seems your bill to pay is a bit low for that. You need to bring your efficiency ratio up to at least 85% for the next two quarters for that.”.


Liberals don’t want Venezuelan socialism, they want Canadian or EU socialism.

The left likes big government to get things done, but blue states are net donors to government revenues while red states are net receivers, so the red states are actually more dependent upon the federal government than blue states. Having said that, the cultural divide is more rural v urban than state v state, so a state that leaves would still have plenty of opposition within their own borders.

Many companies that talk like they are American companies are acting in a globalist style. Why would a company that sends jobs to China or India object to having a factory in an independent California? Certain companies would stay in California because it has so many educated workers (unlike some parts of the US) and respects intellectual property rights (unlike China).

Trump’s trade war with China has annoyed a lot of business minded people, so we can’t assume that businesses would be loyal to a nation remade in Trump’s image. Corporations have no loyalties. A corporation would decide which is worse for the bottom line, that is all.

The Brexit situation is politically different, but it does illustrate the importance of how economically entangled different locations can be; the longer they argued, the more obvious the negative economic consequences became. It has taken two years for PM May to haggle a Brexit deal and it might sink her government. Any deal between California and DC would be even more complicated.

So in the end, I think all the talk about states leaving the union is just shout therapy for the ideologically frustrated.


I think that’s right, although it’s not stated explicitly that way. There’s no express provision dealing with leaving - but it doesn’t make sense to have it any other way (which was touched on in the Texas v. White ruling).


From what I understand about nuke codes, the codes purpose are only to give authorization to launch. The actual launch sequence is human and hard key based, and nuke systems are closed systems run on floppy drives to prevent any possible hacking.

So actually, if my understanding is correct, it would be very simple to take over control of the nukes. Guidance could be an issue as sattelites would still be USA though.


From my buddies who work at Amazon, Facebook and Google HQs, those company’s already run their life. Literally every facet of life is taken care of on campus so that they don’t ever “need” to leave. All those companies would have to do is expand their programs for all citizens. And all jobs and companies would become part of one of the “big 4”, with very, very few independent companies left


So how exactly do the states take control of these federally controlled and owned nukes? Without incurring the byproduct of having just literally stole some nukes?

Well if that’s the case with the nuclear codes, I guess you’d just need a mutinous crew and/or a fed that doesn’t pull them back pre secession


@pfury could probably tell you some of the same stories, but I’ve lived in coal patch houses my whole life. Carnegie, Frick and friends pioneered making nice little work communities that you’d never have to leave. Heck, they even had their own money! Just don’t get hurt in a cave in. The company owns your house too, and they don’t appreciate freeloaders.


That would never happen in Cali.


I think Petoria existed for about a week before the US government took it back.


Probly not, but a water pipeline from the undeveloped watersheds of far NorCal could help socal quite a bit. And it actually is a fairly feasible project economically… Environmentally would be tough, but in extreme circumstances those regulations would be bypassed.

The other thing to think about is if the west coast seceeded, I bet HI would join up or become a (friendly to the WC) country of it’s own. Losing the Pacific would be a HUGE power shift in the world militarily and economically. I bet no one would care about losing or gaining Oregon though :frowning: