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State Records Question


Looking at USAPL California state Men's Raw Juniors Age 20-23 state records found at

The state records for the 220lbs divison are
Squat 185.75 by Connor Barickman
Bench 270 by Connor Barickman
DL 407.75 by Patrick Voosen
Total 1063.5 by Connor Barickman
(Weights all in lbs, not kg)
All set on the same day.

This can't possibly be accurate, right? Aside from the fact that the numbers are extremely low relative to every other weight class, there's no way the math works out for a total like that. I don't understand the rules well enough but intuitively I don't think this could be possible.

All the other weight classes make sense. Is there something I am missing?


I think there was a typo and the squat is actually 385.75 based on the kg conversion and the total. Still though that's pretty weak.


Theres so many feds/weight classes/age brackets/raw vs gear/gender that a lot of times the only person lifting wins the meet. In some cases state records are set that way. Hell, maybe even national records. Also a lot of times someone who has the DL record didn't squat, etc, and the guy with the best total might not have set single lift records all on the same day. Lot of variables.

That being said I still think there's a typo here. Perhaps that squat is in kgs? That would give Barickman a 385 DL (assuming same meet) which would be beaten by Voosen's DL.

Also Id comment that 220 seems to be a less populated weight class, but thats just my observation of a few meets.


It's low as hell, but if you do the math on what's on the kg side, the lbs should be a 385.75 in lbs. Typo.

220 would definitely be an under-represented weight class for juniors.


Most USAPL state records are not impressive. I have a goal to break the USAPL Maryland State Single Ply Squat record... it's 1,003lbs.


What weight class?


People also need to keep in mind that they've only been keeping raw records for 5 years or so.


That's kind of how it is in Illinois. There aren't any records for the age group in my weight class. So if I go to a meet and compete in the 198 16-17 y/o division, then any lift I have will be a record.



prolly 275, owned by Captain Kirk!

Although, didn't he actually set it in a USPF meet?



My daughter set a USAPL California state and national age group record. The state got it right, but National took the pound amount, thought it was kilos, multiplied it by 2.2, so the the same lift got two very different numbers. Let them know, they'll correct it.