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State of Washington

Just curious about the opinions of the T-men and T-vixens that live in Washington. Especially in Pierce County Area. I am looking to possibly relocate near Tacoma.

Kent, Auburn & Puyallup are nice areas.

Thanks for the info. How about some of the areas that I should avoid?

Washington State is just Canada with US dollars.

avoid Hilltop in Tacoma…

Yeah, for the record. Washington State is NOT CANADA! God forbid.

Puyallup is a bit overcrowded IMHO. I live in University Place, and I like the area. Not too overcrowded, but lots of development going on.

Old Town Tacoma (North End) has some really nice houses build in the early 1900s.

Try to stick near I5, depending on where you work. There’s tons of growth and options.

Aye, dunno what Fat Panda has been smokin…

I live in Bellingham. Service jobs, too many liberals.

lol DPH

How about just avoid Tacoma all toghether?

I second G-Dawg and would stay away from Tacoma itself, if possible. Not a real nice town - smelly (factories), gangs - never been a big fan of it.

Puyallup is nice, with a great view of Mt. Ranier. Used to live in Renton and work in Kent. They’re OK, but nothing like further up north toward Seattle, or even north of Seattle.

Tacoma and Seattle are two totally different cities…

I live in the town that just got flattened by the wind. I was nice a couple of days ago. We just got our power back today. Hopefully they’ll get shit put back together so I can go skiing next week when I have a few days off.

I’ve been in towns and as towns go Tacoma is OK. I like Seattle better and Vancouver BC better yet. For comparision some of the other towns I like are Munich, Perth, and Tokyo. I’m not overly fond of LA but San Francisco is nice.

I guess Tacoma is a ratty port town trying to pull itself up by it’s bootstraps by adding “class” and art and stuff. Personally I liked the ratty port town it used to be better, although it smells nicer now.

Dang, a little harsh on Tacoma are we!?

Actually, the info given from the two guys above seems a little dated. Every city has problems with violence. T-town definitely has had a bad rap in the past, however, the city itself is changing.

If you haven’t been here in the last year or so, you’re in for a suprise. Link rail (light rail or whatever) is now installed, so we have this very expensive trolly (note sarcasm) that runs up and down Pacific avenue. UW continues to expand it’s campus in Tacoma while retaining the buildings historical value. Lots of new clubs and restaurants. Two worth mentioning are Melting Pot and El Gaucho. Things are really turning around in Tacoma, and the days of the smelly factories are now nothing but lingering pollution.

Granted, it’s does not compare to Seattle (the city) but at least the days of kicking the heroin addicts out of your store front doorways are fading.

I would like to thank everyone for some insight into the area. I figured that there would only be pretty pictures painted about the area online, so I wanted to ask the people that are familiar with the area. I am looking to trying out for the Pierce County Sherrifs Dept, along with King County as well. I am glad to gain some knowledge of the area.

Well, not long ago my slumlord (slum lady?) mother in law went to serve eviction papers on her rental in Hilltop. There was an argument but fortunately the man of the house had some sense, stopped the women from screaming, and accepted the paperwork.

A week or two later when the court date came around that same man was on life support because he got capped in the head. None of my neighbors have ever been shot in head by someone else, ever.

Might be a coincidence. The place is on the upswing with crack houses being bought up and refurbished but there are hangers on there yet.

Two of my friends work in the Sea Mar low budget medical clinic. They’ve been in tough neighborhoods before and according to them it’s still a tough neighborhood.

Seattle is nice, Bellvue is nice, Kirkland is nice…

Puyallup, etc. are too far out from civilization for me…

Seattle is nice, Bellvue is nice, Kirkland is nice…

Puyallup, etc. are too far out from civilization for me…

I currently live in downtown Seattle (well, Capitol Hill) and I like it.

I also know some guys who I believe are from the sherrif’s department around the King County area and own a gym, so maybe they are exactly who you’d like to talk to for some perspective.

I’ll PM you.