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State of the Union


What did you think? I don't want to hijack the tax cuts thread, so how do you think George II did in this time that is trying his soul?


I generally support Bush, but God I wish that guy could deliver a public address without smirking.


He really is a horrendus public speaker. Not that it really matters, but I always figured he'd be better at it by now.


I liked when they pulled back and you could see Cheney. He looked like he was making a mental hit-list of all the fuckers who weren't clapping. He'll get them. He'll get them all.

The freaking eyebrow of the guy who gave the democratic response needs it's own sit-com.


Agreed, I bet he'd be a much more accepted President if he did not look like a the devils child with the way he has that evil looking smirk.


And I do have to say that I am glad the Democrats applauded themselves for shooting down the social security bill.

Anything that shows any bit of unity and strength for them helps.


I didn't watch. I just can't stand to watch the man. He should hire a stand in.


I am glad they applauded themselves for doing that also.

Rove will run a clip of it during the mid-term ads. That and Hillary rolling here eyes should get a lot of mileage.


Pretty good speech if the only problem some folks have is they don't like his facial expressions. I have always said though that he's a horrible public speaker and that he could work a little harder at that. Clinton used to drive me nuts with his constant lip biting and fake ass "I feel your pain" shit, but I guess every president has their own quirks.

Hillary looked like she was in pain at times, kinda made me laugh. After his failed flopiuster Kerry almost looked embaressed to be there.

Anyways, what did everyone think about the presidents alternative fuel innitiatives? I like the idea of not being dependent on foreign oil so I thought it was good to hear. And did anyone else think he was reaching out to the dems? Some of the bloggers and some media folks think a move to the middle would hurt the president, but I'm not so sure.

Generally though, I liked the speech :wink:


Yea, no doubt about that.


He's actually improved since he took office. He's gone from the worst public speaker out of the presidents to one of the worst!!! At least you can't visibly see him squinting to read the teleprompter anymore!!!


So what about the speech?

Now that you've gotten your obligatory negative Bush--horrible speaker--blahblahblahbullshit out of the way, anything real to say.

What about the fuel initiatives?
What about permanent tax relief?
What about The effort to scale back the hatred and work together?
What about entitlement spending?

It just seems noone on this board wants to actually talk politics. Talk about potential solutions. It boils down to what party are you, who did you vote for, oh--you must be a frickin' moron.

No one person or party is going to change the quagmire we are in. We need tough decisions and we need to take a little hit too right this ship. I wish the two parties could find at least 1-2 items they agree on and begin to propose solutions.

Fuel initiative.

I would love to see hydrogen cars by 2010. Is that pie in the sky? Probably, but if we never set some goals, we are surely never going to move forward with any resolve. Hell with coal and that right now. If we cut our automobile (oil) use in 1/2 over the next 4-5 years how much better off would we be. Wouldn't hurt our
?supposed? global warming either.

I need an economist to step in on the taxes. We are so over taxed I believe we could live with some permanent relief, but what do we then give up. There is enmough pork around to easily lower taxes and not suffer servicewise.

Political partisanship.

Maybe the biggest problem right now. There is no effort to even try and work together. Will the next president be able to bring together the parties or is this the new way. It is so disappointing to hear good solid ideas presented knowing that in no way is anyone really looking to fulfill them.

Let's go crazy and throw some ideas around. we may not solve anything, but you never know who's lurking here.


Amazing post.


That's all good and fine...but this is just a speech. We've been hearing speeches about energy alternatives and such for decades. Let's see some action...


A citizen's response to the State of the Union:


He sums up some of my opinions. Not being American, you might not think I should have an opinion, but given the US has a foreign policy...I'll have a foreign opinion :slight_smile:


I should add...the end of political partisanship will only end when BOTH SIDES admit they are equally at fault. The handful of guys that post on this forum can't even get that working. I've seen respected members in this forum come out and ADMIT EXPLICITLY that they sometimes respond to posts based on pre-conceived notions of the poster's view, without even reading the content of the post itself.

And this is with nothing to lose here, compared to the vast amounts of power and money politicians stand to lose by admitting fault...Hell, just look at the posts above yours, political partisanship appears to be what this crowd actually wants from its representitves...


See below.

Between the debt and cutting taxes during a war, I don't think this is going anywhere. Its got to be repaid somehow.

Same old rhetoric from his bullshit "compassionate conservative" days. If he stops pursuing the psychotic neocon agenda, maybe the hatred wouldn't be there in the first place. However, he has shown that he is a divider, not a uniter. Nice idea. He won't make it happen. He's a day late and a millionaire' tax cut short.

Cutting social security? He'd love to get rid of it, which I am firmly against. Medicare? Medicaid?

Don't talk to me about all this shit when we are financing an unnecessary war where billions upon billions are being spent. Free the Iraqis? Rather than put the money back into social security? Isn't money that is put into social security put back into the economy by seniors anyway?

Maybe he should've thought of all this shit before he ran the debt up with tax cuts and foriegn wars.

As long as people can back it up, I don't care who they vote for. Each side has valid points, especially in from an economic standpoint. But it seems many times that Republicans want to put all the blame for everything on the Democrats not cooperating. Well of course they're not cooperating! George II is trying to gut social security! What kind of liberal or leftist agrees with taking away the thing that keeps seniors above the poverty line?

Either Zap or Zeb said once long ago that "Necessity is the mother of invention". There will be big push for hybrid/hydorgen cars until oil is 1) over 4 dollars a gallon regularly or 2)there is no oil left. That's it. Bush, being an oilman, is not going to hurt that industry. He would much rather spew the propaganda, then let a future president deal with the shitstorm.

I don't mind taxes. Now, I don't pay property taxes, but I know they are very high (at least in NJ). However, the standard of living is high, so it evens out.

I agree that there are ridiculous pork barrel projects that suck the money out, and that should me moderated. However, that is the congressman's game. That isn't going anywhere.

I agree that partisanship is bad. But there are two parties here that differ severly on many issues. I have said many times that they are two sides of the same coin, and I still believe that; the main differences are social issues that will never change.

Yet with someone like Bush, there will be no uniting. And I'm not sure I want untiting, as it will only be under the Republican's ways that the Democrat's can "unite". The best they can do is hope to stop the ridiculous measure that George II puts through. Little more.


I didn't read it--if it only sums up some of your opinions why not express them?

You mean, if it weren't for foreign policy I wouldn't have to deal with vroom. I say isolationism--NOW>


And what exactly does my post say above. Let's see action. I know it was a speech. I was saying I agree with everything or that it was even all possible. The gist was--the topic of the thread was what about the speech and noone had even commented on the speech. Someone even wasted their time to chime in that they didn't listen. And she bitches and moans and complains as much or more as most. But don't dare take an actual interest, just keep the party line going.

This isn't about being pro-Bush or anti, it's what about the speech and how do you feel towards the innitiatives and how do we begin to move forward on those that we like.


Hahah. Remember...."Stay on Topic Sas"