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State of the Union

How may of you watched it? or heard it? What are your thoughts on the Presidents speech. I thought he did a decent job.

More properly, his speech writers did a good job. Just like Leno, he doesn’t write his own stuff. Sure, he has input, and he’s the “front man,” but he isn’t the author.

Either way, no matter who writes the words, the speech is indicative of the direction Bush wants the country to go. I cheered several times last night. Bush laid it out clearly and concisely on the economy, Iraq/terrorism, and everything else.

State of the Union Address

No really!!! Please don’t say your trying to flame me for not writting Address…

Fitone, he provided a link to a useless piece of garbage because he/she/it hates the US.

Good lord…

I thought it was one of the best SOTU speaches in years! I really like Bush.

I just relized it. For some reason my modem was slow and I didn’t get the clip. I did now and thought it was dumb… It ashame that we allow freedom of speech to some individuals.

Al-qaeda’s just playing all of you.

Provoke and hide is their tactic. It’s so obvious. They attack you, you go on a blind rampage across the arab world, spreading even more anti-American sentiment, increasing Bin-Laden’s following.

One day, they’ll attack again. Again you’ll go on a blind rampage. Maybe across more “stans” or maybe to help Russia rape some more Czechnyan babies. The Czechnyans will never forgive you for it, of course, and Al-Qaeda will get a boom in Czechnyan recruits.

On a side note, N.Korea is admitting to nuclear arms buildup under the same sanctions as Iraq. Why isn’t anyone doing anything? Maybe because a certain “greatest country in the world” got spanked in the last Korean war? Iraq is much easier to bully, it seems.

I thought that link was pretty damn funny, non-american. Though I don’t think Al-Quada is playing us. I am sure they never intended to have the government of Afganistan wiped out. But, yes, they will strike again. And we will do something about it again.

I say Fuck the Middle East. Carpet bomb the shit hole with nukes from the Gaza strip to the Chinees border.

They hate us anyway, so it does not really matter what we do.

Firstly, a side note: It is not “Czechnian,” which is apparently some bastardization of the Czechs and some -anian people you have come across. It is “Chechen,” which refers to the people of Chechnya, not those of the Czech Republic.

Now, on to your more inane logic. Firstly, please tell me how anything the US military has done thusfar can be construed as a “blind rampage”? Up to now, the only country we have invaded is Afghanistan (which, FYI, is not an Arabic country, although it is Muslim). And, given that the Taliban regime of Afghanistan was sheltering terrorists and supporting terrorist training and activity, such a targeted invasion against a problematic regime could hardly be construed as “blind.”

Now, as to the contemplated invasion of Iraq, it is not “blind rage” but rather would be a calculated strike in our national interest – and, for good measure, we would get to depose a dictator with a horrible human rights record.

Whether you believe that Iraq had direct ties to 9/11, which has yet to be established but is claimed by certain foreign intelligence agencies, notably the Czechs, it is undisputed that Iraq has sponsored much Al-queda and other terrorist activity, that it had mass quantities of weapons banned to it under the treaty that ended our last incursion, and that it is in violation of both that treaty and of U.N. resolutions demanding it prove it has disarmed. As you can see, an incursion into Iraq would hardly be striking out in blind rage.

With respect to your idea that our military action would serve only to increase bin Laden’s following, you are incorrect. Firstly, the Arab culture is one in which power is respected and offering concessions is viewed as weakness. If and when we march in to Iraq, watch and marvel at how all the countries in the area (even Syria for Chrissakes) jump on the bandwagon. What most scares them now is that we may be all bluster and no action, in which case they will be left to deal with an angry Saddam if they support our cause. As to the people on the Arab street, I’d bet they’d be highly impressed if we helped to set up an Arabic democracy and suddenly had all these Iraqis singing our praises.

As to your preposterous allegation that the US helped Russians "rape Czechnyan (sic) babies," that is a blatant falsehood. The most that can be said is that the US did nothing to stop the Russians from committing barbarism in Chechnya -- a conflict rife with barbarism on both sides. Proactive help is a far cry from passive inaction combined with a formal protest (which is what the US did).

Finally, as to your side note, the Korean situation is a perfect example of why it is necessary to stop a dangerous country from attaining nuclear capability BEFORE it gets the bomb. Once a country attains a nuclear bomb, especially if the person in charge of making the final decision as to its use is unstable, it becomes much more difficult to dislodge the threat.

And, of course, you create an instant arms race in the area once that country attains nuclear capability. Is it any wonder Japan is suddenly strongly supportive of a missle-defense system? Was it shocking that once India had the bomb, Pakistan developed the capability soon thereafter?

Sorry Sport, but the only one being played the fool is you, for buying in to the anti-American spew to which you're obviously viscerally attracted.

First off, we didn’t get spanked in the Korean war. We just got tired. If you look at the stats and the battles you will see that we killed alot more of them than they killed of us. We just got sick of fighting China and her zillion people. Its like boxing, Korea’s strategy was to let us punch her in the face, turning it into hamburger i might add, then wait for us to tire and pull out. Then she smiled a toothless bloody grin when we did. If you love the UN, you can thank them for Korea. Korea was a UN action. Just read the History. Now,what country are you from?

Well first off, I didn’t say that America HAS participated in Chechnya, I said that you most likely would, in a quest to gain more support for a “war on terror”.

The Korean War was a UN action spearheaded by the US. And yes, you got spanked because S.Korea was liberated, but a certain American general thought that wasn't good enough. He had to go for the whole Korean peninsula. Well, the Commies get pushed back to the Chinese border and suddenly America's awakened a sleeping dragon. Hundreds of thousands of chinese volunteers pour through and the US gets spanked for overstepping its bounds.

Unlike Non-American (what an appropriate sn, don’t you think?), I applaud the President’s sterling performance in the SOTU address. It was a masterfully crafted speech delivered with the presence of mind and sincerity we have all come to expect from President Bush. In case any of you is naive enough to even beging to believe the anti-American, anti-West epithets spouted by Non-American, let me remind you that this war was sprung upon us, not the other way around. We were attacked, and many of our fellow Americans were mercilessly murdered by 19 well-coordinated and well-funded Arab terrorists. The funds did not appear from thin air. They were, undoubtedly, funded by enemy governments such as the Saudis (the country of origin of 15 of the 19 and former welcoming home of UBL). The days of attacking Americans without fear of consequences are over, Non-American. We will no longer allow our Navy ships to be blown up by explosive-laden rafts (Yemen), we will no longer allow our Marines to be blown up by the hundreds (a la Beirut). We will no longer allow the towers in which our Armed Forces live to be blown up (Saudi Arabia again). And we certainly won’t allow Saddam Hussein to provide the many willing and able terrorists with a dirty bomb or deadly chemical to cause the next 9/11 in our great country. If you’ve got a problem with that, Non-American, tough luck.

Boston Barrister (sp?), That was the best reasoning I’ve ever read on this web site. Outstanding job!!!

Is “Non-American” still on this site? Somebody better tell his mom that he is on the computer again!

Well, I’m not going to bother with people who don’t think objectively; rather buy into fear and anger. You were counter-attacked. This was a response against your foreign policies by desperate people.

As for calling the terrorist attacks cowardly, when’s the last time you gave up your life for a cause? Any suicide bomber makes the rest of us look like E-womyn.

While I actually agree that the US through its misguided foreign policies should have been expecting an attack, I think that your not labelling suicide bombers for what they are, cowards - to be very insensitive. These arabs certainly had every right to feel angry about US injustice causing suffering to innocent people, but how can they justify killing innocent people by flying planes into buildings? I do think that any attack on Iraq is just going to polarize the world and make terrorists feel more justified in attacking the US. I wish that US citizens would be more aware and proactive in seeing how their country’s biased foreign policy has a direct effect on how people in other countries feel about the US.

I hate to admit that link is funny as hell I guess Bush’s fragmented speech patterns set him up for stuff like that.

If you look at this “war on terror” objectively, who is more cowardly? The guy who willingly flies himself into a building, to his death, to fight for a losing cause or the guy who’s flying a multi-million dollar bomber over Afghanistan firing missiles at heat-signatures in the mountains knowing full well that he’s almost guaranteed to return to base safely?

To say that the terrorists were cowardly is like saying that rugby players are cowardly for not wearing protective equipment. It just doesn't make sense. Bravery doesn't know 'good' or 'evil'.