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State of the Union


What did you take from it? I caught the tale end and missed Obama.

Same old same old talk or is something actually gonna get done? Obama want to get things going again, yet he's trying to spend and increase gov.

Did this give anyone hope or are you taking the show me something approach?


He read Reagan on his last vacation and used his words last night. It was the first time he came out and tried to tell everyone we are the brightest and best nation in the world, spoke about our free market etc....

But those were just words. He called for more spending and discretionary spending freezes. He called for the freeze last year as well. No talk of cutting anything.

Each day we owe China 4BILLION in interest...or is it each hour?


I thought Obama was sincere in trying to reach an acceptable compromise. He gave a nod to McCain by saying he would veto anything with earmarks, he argued for simplilfying the corporate tax code to lower taxes on small businesses, he talked about cutting Medicare and Medicaid, etc. One reason he has risen in the polls since the latest election is that people have seen him willing to come to the negotiating table.

Obviously, time will tell, and any actual results will depend on the willingness of congress to similarly compromise.


If either is true, that's fucking crazy.
Sorry to hear that.


I agree, I thought it was a good State of the Union speech, but I'm not getting my hopes up or anything. In the end, it's all talk and I will be surprised if anything substantial gets done.


Barry did a lot better then Michelle Bachman

Dont bother getting to the chris matthews part. Hes a shit stain.


I found him rather robotic last night, in terms of body language actually. But he said somethings I liked and others I did not. I felt his clean energy crap was very New Dealish. But, surprisingly, I liked what he said about education. No child left behind sucks.

One thing he made perfectly clear is that he made a drastic move toward center. Last year I was yelling at the TV, "You can't do that idiot!"

What I am not certain of is if he is a man of his word. He certainly was when he was getting what he wants but he wasn't when he said he said his 'all ideas are on the table'. No they weren't only his were. So I guess we'll see.


That's actually a double edged sword. If you borrow $100, the bank owns you, if you borrow $1,000,000,000,000,000,000, you own the bank.


More like, Obama got his ass handed to him in November, and is pulling a Clinton by moving to the center. He is looking at 2012, and if the economy is still in the shitter, he is done. If it's looking better, he might get reelected.


I haven't watched this show, and from what I've seen, I don't want to. The host is screaming about Bachman not knowing history, and he clearly doesn't know jack himself. Leave it to some dumbass to take a speech about the possibility of the United States failing after twenty one generations, and turn it into a flame fest about popular history.

(paraphrasing here) "We founding fathers didn't try to end slavery. We fought the civil war to end slavery."

Give me a break.


I love the new word Obama used for spending, which was "investment."


Still no road map for getting things done. Just another pep talk of hopes and dreams that will be forgotten by next week. Next time my boss asks me to complete a task, I'll just say "Yes, we should all pull together and want this to happen", and go right back to my game of solitaire. I'd venture the people whose eyes still glaze over at the sound of his voice also couldn't get to the phone fast enough after first seeing the shakeweight commercial. It's all good, though. High speed rail will save us.


This was my take also, forlife.



What I got from Bachmann is two-fold:

1) The woman continues to be scary and

2) There is a very clear divide in the Republican Party.

Someone tried to compare their "fight" to what the DEMS have with the "Blue Dogs".

No go.

The Blue Dogs, in the end, are much more pragmatic than Bachmann and the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party. (And yes...the Tea Party is now "officially" a wing of the Republican Party).



High speed rails are one of the WORST "investments" possible, they are almost always WAY underestimated when it comes to budget. Here in California, it was underestimated by 5-6 times it's original estimate. Now, let's expand that on a national scale, more fucking awesomeness.


This was the most halting (for him) and least confident I have ever seen him. I thought he was going to burst into tears, fall to his knees and beg forgiveness of his base. You don't "sincerely" begin, right after a disastrous election, to support policies you've heretofore steadfastly rejected.


Can't stand to listen to that creep talk.


I learned we need to spend less, yet spend more.


Thanks for telling me what movement my Tea Party is in. I will ignore all the people in the Iowa tea party angry at the Republican party for saying they can't find 100 billion to cut and listen to you.

Tho they all seem to love that Libertarian "Republican" Rand Paul who introduced a 500 billion cut.


That is simple, tax us more, so the government can "properly" allocate resources.