State of The Union February 2024

Welp, somebody might as well start it. I have been a lifelong Republican, but also a teacher, and am raising a liberal and a communist, so I am not the best one to start the conversation.

But, I figured I would start the thread.

I think the world is in a bad place if we have to choose between Biden or Trump. But, I felt the same when we had to choose between Hillary and Trump.

So, let it fly.

Your outlook on any of these speeches depends on whether you are a liberal, conservative or an independent

i suggest looking at Trumps term in office vs Bidens term in office

There are stark contrasts between the two

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It’s March.

Cost of living

just to name 3

Joe Biden exceeded my expectations when I understood most of what he said.


I agree. I feel like I have not had a real choice of two competent Leaders since Clinton vs Bush! I cannot believe we are at these choices.

Listening to the SOTU, I think Trump is going to have a hard time in the General Election. Many of Biden’s points are hard to argue against in an election. The GOP view may be correct, but giving people an economics lesson vs putting real income in their pockets is going to be a tough sell, especially with the record profits and bonuses we are seeing.

Real tough sell for those paying Student debt for decades and having to make a decision between owning a home and sending their kid to crap school or paying medical bills. Like it or not, telling people to cut cable or not letting their kid have a phone (which many Mothers view as a communication necessity) so they can make a student loan or medical payment? Not going to be a popular view and I have voted R my whole life, but seeing what my kids have to deal with…

I’ve never seen such a bold faced and disgusting false equivalence as his response to the back and forth about Laken Riley.

Biden has also adopted some of the language of Trump on the border, and on Thursday night he called the man charged with killing Riley an “illegal.”

That was disappointing to Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., the chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. “I wish he hadn’t engaged with Marjorie Taylor Greene and used the word ‘illegal,’” she told the AP after the speech.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif, the speaker emerita, said afterward on CNN, “Now he should have said ‘undocumented,’ but it’s not a big thing.”

A young woman is dead and these people are complaining that Biden used a word that might hurt the killer’s feelings. That’s the state of this union.


Ultimately, it will bring the Nation together.

The next dominant, unifying political party will be a coalition of moderate, Centrist, Anti Immigration, Anti Chinese voters.

You really think they want to shine a light on the policy though?

Take the hit for using the wrong word, just don’t look at the subject, deed, or policy!

I legitimately have a hard time understanding why people dislike Trump as an option for President so much.

I get that his personality can rub people wrong, but from an objective point of view:

  1. He ended our war with ISIS and left our allies in a strong position

  2. He made stronger diplomatic inroads with a hostile N. Korea than any President before him and against career diplomat beliefs that he wouldn’t be able to do it

  3. He called for and where possible enforced fair and equitable participation and support from NATO members, correcting an expensive imbalance

  4. He supported national sovereignty and security

  5. His policies led to record economic growth and job market growth across all demographics during a traditional cyclical pullback period in our Keynesian economy (disrupted by a pandemic of a scale no living generation has ever seen)

  6. Foreign investors, namely Toyota, directly attributed Trumps policies as the reasoning behind dumping billions of dollars in to expanding American manufacturing while creating jobs

  7. Created tax cuts that actually helped the middle class, slashing tax bills in half, doubled standard deductions, doubled child tax credits and a slew of other positive changes for wage earners interested in keeping more of their money. Also cut business tax rates, leading to more available funds for reinvestment towards business growth evidenced by economic and job market growth

  8. Rolled back and deregulated too many burdensome regulations to list, benefitting wages, individual opportunities and company growth & expansion

  9. Balanced unfair trade imbalances with trading partners

  10. Provided massive support for American agriculture

  11. Achieved energy independence and actually allowed the selling of surplus oil, disrupting opponent national GDPs while further enriching America and shifting power balances away from traditional war hotspots

  12. Directly supported American families by signing 12 weeks paid family leave in to law, signed the largest ever increase in childcare and development block grants, signed in to law an ability for parents to withdraw up to $5k from retirement accounts upon the birth of their child - allowing access to their own money without govt penalty if needed

  13. Advanced apprenticeship pathways to help circumvent the rising cost of secondary education

  14. Signed key pieces of legislation advancing women’s economic empowerment

  15. Signed key pieces of legislation advancing American technological advancement, including AI, which is likely our next great pivotal revolution

  16. Eliminated Obamacare mandates requiring participation

And it goes on and on. Who cares if he is abrupt. He’s great the country.


You misunderstood. If you listen closely, Biden wasn’t talking about Laken Riley. He clearly said “Lincoln Riley.” I don’t know who that is, but clearly he or she is a different person so it makes sense that it doesn’t make sense.


:man_facepalming: . Thanks for the clarity.

I was using a 60 lb. pneumatic impact driver all day, so my hearing was kinda blurry.

Yes, I am sure it was you that was confused.

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He’s white(sorry…White). A lot of White folks spent years in orgasmic bliss when Obama was elected, which forgave them their racism and helped them almost get over their fear of the Black athletes in their high schools 30 years prior. Trump was a massive letdown after that.

Rich, White guy. :open_mouth: (that’s a sarcastic “wow”)

You think they went to school with black kids?

All I know is that Trump has a better beach body than Biden and can’t stop thinking about Biden’s beach pics.

I’m sold.

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I don’t care who’s next, as long as I don’t have to see some deranged old man maw another ice cream cone ever again.

What the fuck is wrong with these people?

Pandemic: Nancy Pelosi “Look at my ice cream!”.

Skidmark Biden Sputterfarting To The Grave and Taking Our Country With Him:
Biden “icecream!” X 1000.

Whats with these fucking idiots and their god damn icecream?


Not many Black kids, but probably a few. Like, not enough Black kids to have any idea what inner-city culture produces, but a few kids with darker skin.