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State of Origin

Hey anyone one here from Australia or N.z watch the state of origin?. It was the most brutal game i’ve seen yet. I would have to say Rugby league is one of the toughest games in the world.

Yeah it was a good game. Its a pitty that Queensland had so many injuries.

Where are you from?

Do you support the blues or the maroons?

but did you see that they wanted to ban pitch side stapling after the game as they reckoned people didn’t want to see guys with staple guns hanging off their heads!

only caught the highlights but Tallus was immense as normal!

hahahahha that staple gun hanging out of his head thing was hilarious.

yeah tallis played well which was good his form has been down a bit recently so it good to see him playing well again! I still dont know if hes at the level that he was at before he broke his neck though.


The opening 20 minutes of Origin one was unadulterated blood spattered, bone crunching gladiatorial conflict, thinly veiled as sport; I was transfixed!
Laz, Sydney

off the topic but do you lot fancy your chances against the mighty england next week?, just get rid of johnny wilkinson and you might stand a chance!

looking forward to next s.o.o game though, oh the pain!

Didn’t watch the game but was interesting to hear how well Joey Johns played after all the fuss before hand, mind you he’s a class act.

Mark, you don’t get to be more of a Cane toad than Townsville :-), as The Warriors have PJ Marsh and had Campion last year I’m more of a Maroons supporter.

We get the Footy Show here (NZ) on Friday night, it’s a great thing to sit down to after a long week, Reg Regan cracks me up.

DrSTU, I’m in mourning today as the ABs lost. Johnny Wilkinsons boot, composure and experience were the difference. Your forwards were very impressive in controlling the pace of the game and that 8 or so mins when down to only 13 men was magnificant, definite RWC contenders.

Yeah Joey Johns played a great game as the captain of N.S.W. I come from Newcastle area so I go for the Knights.And Joey captained the knights to a win just 48 hours after the Origin. He’s a tough bastard!.

Bloody hell! a newzealander saying that england are gona have a chance in the RWC, i must be dreaming!.

seriously though if the backs ever work out how to play as well as some of the forwards (Richard Hill) then there will be no stopping us!

Luckily i’m a massive Boks supporter so i can look forward to them getting whooooooooooooped by everyone else soon, since we played so wel against Scotland!

Yeah Johns played well, hes been a bit of a dud come state of origin but finally played as he can…

Hyphnz good ot see you support the maroons!!!

Yep, the Poms played bloody well, superb continuity in rucks and mauls - and they did an excellent job of disrupting All Black ball without getting done.

I do think the ref [hereafter known as the sad Australian bastard with a control fetish] was a bit too enthusiastic at times - but he was, generally, equally incompetent to both teams.

Gotta feel sorry for the Kiwi backs, hard to run onto ball that’s static.

And, as well as he played, someone should give bloody Martin Johnson a clip round the ear for being such an arrogant wanker.