State of My Spine

Hello, I have recently done an x-ray of the lumbar spine and in the description I have something like:

Small right-sided lumbar scoliosis, shortness of physiological lordosis. L5-S1 narrowing of the intervertebral space. Slight displacement towards the front of the stem S1 relative to L5 - vertebrae. Cross-hip joints on both sides free.

Does this mean that I can forget about the power trumpet? I do not even reach the 100kg mark, so it’s a bit ridiculous that I’m not even 20 years old and hard to deal with.

PS. Sorry for the translator, but I do not know English well.

How do you feel?
What can’t you do, or more importantly, what can you do?

hint: You’re better off making it stronger than letting it get weaker.

What’s a power trumpet? LOL

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Behold! The one and only… POWER TRUMPET!

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Generally I do not have any pain or problem with carrying things. Probably, if I did not take this picture then I would still think that this pain is through contracting muscles including the back. Although I do tend to be sideways, I have the feeling that the quadrilateral lumbar is quite tight because I feel it. I also have no problem doing stretching lumbar exercises, so I suspect the back is weak.

Hmm … can I practice it or not? Generally, since the spine is an excess of bones, I think I should strengthen all the muscles around my spine to prevent further skeletal damage, so I think multivitamins should be the best because they involve the whole body and not just the isolation of the individual parts

ps. I use translator

Will someone else say?

On Youtube, search:

“Athleanx back pain”

This would be a great way to start.

I feel pain only with a strong forward bend.

Here is a photo of my lumbar spine. Sorry for poor quality, but maybe someone will see something.