State of Education (at Least in FL)

This kind of spawns off the education discussion in the other thread but is also related to a larger issue of free speech

Recently, Florida has passed a few laws that are leading to book removals/band in some schools across the state. The law has been temporarily blocked but some schools are taking action.
Partial list of pulled books

I have read a number of the books on this list ( Looking for Alaska, The True Diary of a Part time Indian, Kite Runner and a couple more) and there is nothing wrong with these books.

A lot of people want to talk about “slippery slopes” and I think a lot of times that is overblown, the moniker May be warranted here. Book banning has historically been a precursor to not great things.


I agree with you for the most part. However, I also see where this ban is coming from in a highly conservative state. See example from a banned math book below. It’s math for gods sake. You can’t tell me that social engineering isn’t being pushed here.


I agree with your math example here. That’s a bit silly and clearly over the top. Definitely should stay out of math.

Silencing opinions/ideas that differ from the majority political parties notion of what is right and wrong though is reprehensible. Stuff like these book bans is really irksome to me. It’s making the state (other states are doing this stuff too) look utterly moronic and foolish.

A bit tangential but for those that said the “Don’t say gay” bill (I forget it’s real name) wasnt that bad. This was the end game:

This rule doesn’t need legislative process and will be voted in by the state school board (governor approved board). This will lead to getting rid of all books from school libraries that even mention gay or a hint of it.

These moves are harmful to people.

This here is the problem and shows a true win for the media. Their spin on the bill is all people remember even though the nickname is patently false.


The real name disguising it as a parental rights act was a misnomer too based on what the law has now set in motion.

I think anyone who calls for a book to be banned must first offer proof they read it and can analyze it in an educated manner. It’s like someone wanting to ban Romeo and Juliette because they think it’s pro teen suicide; they obviously never read nor understand it.

It’s also why those who call for more parental say in curriculum have no clue. Just being a parent doesn’t qualify one to make decisions on what a child’s education should include. Look at how many parents can’t even manage the job of parent in their own homes yet we want these same people to expand their reach and influence into every child’s life?

Ask any of these parents to not allow their children to bring cell phones to school and watch the pushback even though cell phones in school are far more damaging to a child’s education than any of the books they want banned.


I don’t think its really anything new, but maybe since it’s coming from the state and not school districts. We’ve always restricted what children can consume. There’s obviously a big difference between a 16yr old and an 8yr old. If a 16 yr old wants to read a book, they’re going to, doesn’t have to be from the school library.

Remember reading Huck Finn in middle school and having to read the word nigger aloud? Didn’t they make a big stink to censor that a few years back?

A small group of people took it upon themselves to ban books from our little county library. One of the local judges got involved.
This is one of the books banned.

The FEDERAL hearing is in October.


I am assuming this is a comedic children’s book.

Yep, there’s a series of them. It’s pornographic because his butt is naked. :roll_eyes:
There are others, one about the KKK, and mostly anything to do with any sex. But, this one started the ball rolling.

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Is it also a children’s book? I’d imagine not but, I the hilarious notion of a kkk children’s book has my interest piqued.

And is an 8 year old going to read 1984 or Lord of the Flies or Huck Finn? So it’s pointless to ban them from reading something they aren’t going to read regardless.

The problem is, most have no interest in reading… anything.

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Isn’t that banning of books to all citizens?

I recall the big “book banning” push of B. J. Novak’s “Candy” (1958). You sure could not find this book in any school libraries. It was hard to find “Candy” anywhere.

I honestly have no idea, but on amazon it’s listed as 12 and up.

Why ban it for all citizens if you can put the youth in an echo chamber without exposing them to new ideas/critical thinking?

In one Generation you could completely change the way people think and more importantly their ability to think.

I read hundreds of books from my high schools library and I know many kids don’t give a rats ass these days but for those that do they should be free to read whatever. I am not even opposed to “Mein Kampf” being on shelves.

Saw a video this morning out of an elementary school in Duvall county where over Christmas break half the library books were removed to be “vetted”

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I’m happy to see the important things being taught alongside math.

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Yeah well us Floridians disagree on what liberals consider important as a whole. I’m not saying I support all the things that are happening in entirety but the voting numbers don’t lie. I’m not a fan of policies in liberal stronghold states but you don’t see me on here creating topics on why I think California laws on crime, social services,etc are ridiculous. I just choose not to live there or support said policies.

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Surely no one took my response seriously…

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Sorry I didn’t read into the sarcasm, I’ll leave my post up regardless.

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This is very funny. Now that you mention it, hasn’t the school system destroyed much of students’ ability to think already pretty well without removing a single book?

Knowing human nature, I’d say the best way to get a kid to do something is the tell them they cannot do it. Ban the book? I gotta see what’s in that book.

As @zecarlo said, you are worried that there aren’t all the green vegetables on the table, when you bring home the hamburger and fries. They are not interested in the green vegetables.

You are fighting a cause for the sake of having a cause.
The roof is blown off and you are worried about a broken window.

Do you know if this is a private school? I live in Duval County. Tell me the name of the school and I’ll find out if it is a public school or not.

With the internet they have access to any information they want.
Aren’t they free to read whatever?