State College

Hey any T-men or women live in State College PA? And where do you all work out? Go PSU!

Yeah I live in State College, PA I usually work out at the high school but have worked out at the Y numerous times and gold’s gym as well as z bodies. I would say I like gold’s the best because of their line of hammer strength machines. But for the type of lifting I’m doing right now the high school works best for me.

Hey dawg do you know George Walker and can you go to the State High gym w/ out going to high school?

Yeah I know george pretty well actually. I dont know people rarely come in if they are not students but if you know george I’m sure you could ask him and he’d most likely be cool with it. I know a lot of guys that go on to play ball in college come back and lift in the school over breaks so i would imagine you could but i dont know for sure.