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Stat Comparison: 16 Year-Old


I currently have around 1.5 years of serious training under my belt and was wondering how I stacked up compared to others.

Age: 16
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 210
BF %: approximately 15%
Max Bench: 245
Max Squat: 325
Max Deadlift: 350
Max Military: 165

For the record I still consider myself a beginner as I have no where near the knowledge, experience, or strength to be considered anything but. I am aiming to gain strength, definition is nice but at this time in my training considered a nice side effect, and any tips would be greatly appreciated.


Well if youd like an ego war.
Age: 16
5'8 145lbs
Training seriously: 3weeks.
Max Bench: 170lbs
Max Squat: 240lbs
Max Dead: 280lbs


No ego war please, I'd just like to gauge my level compared to other athletes my age and hopefully learn a thing or two from the more experienced lifters on maximizing strength gains.


Good numbers for your age


yeh man, i'm 15 years old i decided to join the gym and went their the other day, ive been training for 4 weeks.

bench Press: 345lbs
Squats: 395lbs

Not bad for a beginner hey.

Thats over 1000lbs total , I'm gonna join a powerlifting competition soon, hey might see you there.


These numbers are either CLEARLY made up or you a genetically predisposed to be extremely strong. I don't know of ANY of my 20 year old friends who can lift that much weight. I can almost touch a few of those numbers with 6 months serious training and im almost 21.


Wells said! What a load of bollox some of those numbers are. There only young though!


This must be the new Bullshit Forum.


When I was 15, I was 105lbs and these were my stats:

Bench: 315
Squat: 405
Deadlift: 445

I don't know what happened since then.


What is your weight/height? Do you juice, because the only person I knew who put those numbers up at a young age was 16 and he shot up with steroids like I drink water. Otherwise your a liar as these numbers are not equivalent to your 4 weeks of training.

BTW: I am not a fan of steroids; I can understand their use responsibly at a pro level, but at our age all they can do is hurt.


When I was 16, I was 6'1" tall and 138 lbs. I could bench 120 on my first day working out and got that up to 170 within a few months. I stayed at that 170 max for over a year b/c I used the same stupidass pyramid for the entire time. I only did bench and curls.

I did bodyweight calf raises to "help me jump higher". My jumping did not increase at that time...what a shock! I also got no biceps growth. I was however ripped and could do 85 push-ups.


Not to rag on you, but these kinds of questions/statements are useless. Someone will always be stronger than you and someone will always be weaker than you. If you are only a beginner how is this going to help you anyway.

Just curiosity? If it's not an ego trip that's the only reason - and then what kinds of people do you expect to answer? You'll either get people way stronger than you on this site or those who at your age hadn't even started lifting yet.

If I wrote:
Age: 16
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 210
BF %: approximately 15%
Max Bench: 265
Max Squat: 345
Max Deadlift: 370
Max Military: 185

would that mean anything to you?

What about:
Age: 16
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 210
BF %: approximately 15%
Max Bench: 225
Max Squat: 305
Max Deadlift: 330
Max Military: 145

Will that help you?

Unless you are going to enter a powerlifting competition this is an exercise in futility. How is knowing you are weaker or stronger than someone else going to help you improve? If you want to be told you are weak to push yourself, that's a different question.

My only comment is that for your weight+bodyfat and training age, your numbers should be higher. Just your max bench isn't much more than your bodyweight. But how is that going to help you. Since you still consider yourself a beginner you already know you have to improve on all your lifts.


man...youth is a tough thing. It does not matter in the least how you compare to someone else, so KNOCK IT OFF!!! We've been getting alot of these posts and they're all from 16 or younger. Do your program and worry about yourself. If you see progress, keep it up. Simple as that.


I'm not in total disbelief here. Your stats say your 195. The only number that I would accept (if you say so) without a video is the deadlift just because I've seen far too many guys squats drop off 50 pounds in the last inch to parallel, and benches given a nice little controlled 25 pound bounce, but I HAVE known a few highschool guys deadlift close to 500 at just under 200 during their junior year and I think the deadlift is the most impressive of your three numbers so I have no reason to call BS.


Then let it be me



My penis is 8" long? Is that good for my age? How does it compare to others at age 35?


Age - 35 yrs old
Penis length - 8"
Penis circumference - 3"
Length of time training it - 20 yrs
Thrust speed - blazing fast
Thrust frequency - 120 butt contractions per min.
Strength endurance - hung a large beach towel off of it for over 30 seconds
Beauty factor - it's gorgeous

Do you guys see any areas where I need to improve? All comments welcome (except for anything negative that doesn't support my views and affirm what I'm already doing, basically I'm looking for "lookin good bro" or "nice base" type of comments)


ive been training mostly seriously for over a year now. Im 17 today (today's my birthday), my mom just found my 4 egg-yolk-free-hard-boiled-eggs hidden into my closet and im pissed off cuz that means 20grams less protein a day.

Im 174 lbs at aproximatley 17% bodyfat. and you state that you are 210 lbs at 15% bodyfat.

yup. juice is a great thing. either that or its plain bullshit. when ill get off my mobiles USB cable il post my pics. post your pics too. the only excercise I have records close to max is squats: 300lbs for four repetitions clean on my sixth set. so 325 lbs max is pretty reasonable. but that 210 lbs at 15% bodyfat at your height sounds fishy to me.

the only suplement ive been (and still) taking is creatine monohydarte. if those numbers are for real than regard, cheers, keep strong, wish you the best.


Yes, your towel hanging skills are severely lacking...along with the butt thrusts. Say it with me, "rhythm and smooth motion". That way you can nail the shit out of it while getting a smooth transition from moans to screams.


Happy Birthday, Bicep_craze!


It's the new entertainment forum because I'm puking from laughing so hard.