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Stasis-Taper Workout

I’m finishing up my first 10 week 500 mg/wk test enth cycle and about to enter the stasis-taper period with some Nolv. I am 25/male/5’7"/175lbs.

In the months before taking test I did not eat the diet I should have and obtained more body fat than I wanted. Now that I am very happy with my strength and size I am eager to begin doing some exercises to lower body fat. My waist is 4" bigger than I’d like and I feel like my face is much puffier than it used to be.

I have read a lot of articles about lowering your workout regimen to 4 times a week (each muscle 1 time a week) but cannot find any information on whether it is acceptable to do cardio (sprints, stairs, hill climbing, etc) or fat-burning exercises (walking on steep incline with weights for ~30 mins, jogging > 5 miles, erg machine, swimming, etc).

Do these sorts of workouts during the stasis and/or taper periods have the same effect as working out too much? In other words, will doing these workouts in addition to lifting 4 days a week encourage amino acid breakdown like working out a lot would do?

If you try to cut during PCT you will undoubtedly lose the majority of the muscle you gained during your cycle.

thanks a lot for the quick response, does that mean I need to wait 2-1/2 months before I start doing fat-burning or do I need to wait even longer?

I have never done cardio in my life, so I wont comment on that.

What I do post cycle is keep the weights as high as possible and do about 25% less sets in my overall workout.

I eat to maintain weight, not to lose or gain. I try to get more dietary fat also which usually leads to slightly less carbs from the afternoon on.