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Starving at Night

Any tips on stoping this my daily diet is

Oatmeal protein shake

vegies steak/chick/tuna/fish

protein shake fruit

vegies steak/chick/tuna/fish

Protein shake

vegies steak/chick/tuna/fish

Its normally around 5 oz of the chick/tuna/fish and one cup of vegies which is either broc or green beans.

The fruit is a apple and the protein powder has 5 carbs, im getting a carb free one in there as well on pay day.

My goal is weight loss, durring the day im fine but at night i am hungry

Suck it up!

Sorry man, night time hunger is a pain. There’s no magic pill to kill hunger.

Well… there’s HOT-ROX, but that won’t necessarily do it by itself.

Add another helping of veggies and a little more meat to your last meal of the day. My guess is your body is used to eating big at night, and keeps expecting a larger meal. More protein and ruffage won’t kill your gains (unless you’re a couple of weeks away from a competition, at which point… this isn’t the forum you should be posting in). Take it to 8 oz, and 2 cups of veggies. See what that does.

Drink more water at night. Yeah, you’ll have to piss in the middle of the night, but you won’t be as hungry.

That’s all I can think of right now.

And if that’s actually your diet, and you stick to it, way to go, man. That’s some hard living, but it should pay off well.

doesnt look like you have any carbs OR fat in your diet.

where exactly do you think you are getting the energy your body needs?

Adding good fats (olive oil, nuts, avacado, fish oil) will do 2 things.

  1. increase the satiating effect of the meal (as your body actually reads the energy value of what you are eating and decides that it is sufficient)
  2. having fats in combination with other foods slows down the absorption of said food, thus stretching your meals impact out further between meals.

Also - try going to town on the veggies - I eat 1kg of green veg a day minimum and im never ever hungry.

if all else fails have cottage cheese (plain) at night, its probably the least destructive item you could have late at night.

hope this helps

Eat a head of cabbage, that shit will keep you full for a year.

If you want to keep the calories to a minimum, have a salad whenever you get hungry. Personally, I have a serving of fat free cottage cheese right before bed every night. Its only ~75 calories and 15g of slow digesting protein.

You can try training later in the day. I work out after work, get to the gym about 6 and am home by 8. I usually have a 2 scoops of protein mixed with powerade right after my workout, then some chicken/fish/lean meat and a salad or brocolli about 8:30 to 9. Then I try to be in bed by 11:00.

If you can’t train later, try doing some mobility drills/stretches/walking/light calisthenics if you get hungry in the evening. I’ve found after a little exercise and maybe a couple glasses of water I tend to lose my appetite.

I can definitely sympathize. The evening was my main snacking time and I’m “starving” by the time 8pm rolls around. It’s tough but it’s getting better; just hang on for a week or two and you won’t be super hungry at night anymore (hopefully).

I used to have the same problem but I would actually wake up and eat 2-3 PB&J Sandwiches. I started drinking PM protein from GNC, 40g of slow digesting protein, keeps the hunger at bay until breakfast.


Otep and chutec are on the mark. It’s a combination of “suck it up” and where are your calories coming from? People who are used to eating large at night get really hungry then. It takes a while to change your body’s habits. Looks like you’re eating low fat right now. I would add some good fats for your last meal–they keep you full longer. Just make sure your overall calories stay in the right range.

An alternative would be just to have a scoop of whey and a few fish oil caps when you get hungry. Pretty low impact, more protein usually helps muscle retention when cutting, and fish oil is almost always a good thing.

If you want to go low fat, then don’t worry about the measly 5 g carbs in your protein shake. If you’re going low carb, then add more healthy fats to your diet. You’re getting between 50-80g carb a day with the oatmeal + apple depending on how much oatmeal you are using in that shake. I’m not counting the carbs in broccoli or green beans–they’re mostly fiber. That definitely qualifies as a low carb diet. You have to make up the difference with some healthy fats.

Yea im having a cup of oat meal, ive just read a few of the diets floating around the interent and tried to copy them. I’m only a student living on my own so my budget is not all that flash. And healthy food costs more then 2min noodles and cans of baked beans!

But ill take the advice on board and add some fish oil in there some where

Stop cutting fat off your meats.
Flax Meal (in the baking section).

All three of these are cheap ways to get healthy fats into your diet.

If your diet doesn’t have enough energy (fats or carbohydrates) your body starts developing the checmical pathway to use protein as a fuel source. This eats away at the protein you’re consuming, and leads to the body catabolizing your LBM (lean body mass- existing muscle tissue).

Which is bad.

To prevent this, make sure you’re consuming enough carbs or fats. To do it simply, I’d recommend adding a serving of fats to each of your meals.

So your diet would be more like:

Oatmeal protein shake

vegies steak w/ fat on

protein shake w/ 1/2 cup flaxseeds,

vegies tuna w/ 1 tbsp butter

Protein shake w/1/4 cup peanuts

vegies chick w/ 1/4 cup peanuts

The idea is to get some healthy fats in there. It’ll add maybe $8 to your weekly diet (mostly from the flaxseeds- believe me, they’re worth it). It’ll increase your caloric intake by about 1000kcals, which will decrease the rate at which your fat drops, but it will also prevent you from plateuing and starting to lose muscle mass.

Good luck, let us know how it goes.

Thanks ill start that from today

After supper, don’t eat anything until just before bedtime. Have a protein shake made with milk or casein. Mix in some flax, peanut butter or take with fish oil. Avoid sugar or anything that will spike your insulin.