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Starve Yourself?


What happens if you decide to starve yourelf only drinking water while still exercising. not wieght cos i understand you cannnot gain muscle. But what happens to your fat?

p.s Im not conidering thi juss curious about it thank you


First you'll appear to lose a lot of weight via glycogen and associated water, as well as gastric content. After 72 hours your basal metablic rate will begin to lower. Your body will utilize fat in the form of ketones, but your protein balance will go into the negative because gluconeogenesis and protein breakdown will also kick up.

It depends on the training you perform. High volume in the long run, might lead to training beyond recovery and leave you worse for wear. Low volume and high intensity could help one attempt to maintain strength while fasting.

First the hunger is intense, but eventually the sensation of hunger diminishes to manageable levels.

Yes you can burn fat this way, but your leptin and thyroid levels will make you feel like crap, and you will sacrifice lean body mass.


Although I'm not proud to say so, I actually did something like this a few years ago. Got way too obsessed with losing weight, almost certainly had an eating disorder. I was probably eating like 700 cals a day or so, running probably 40-60 miles a week.

A lot of what Gump said is correct, although I'll add that when you're at that point, you also just don't get the nutrients that your body needs to function. Your skin may turn a bit yellowish, etc over time as you become deficient in various vitamins and minerals.

And of course, if you go long enough without eating, you'll die.

So yeah, not recommended.


I am not even a tad bit muscular however i wanna start now. but id love to lose around 8 kg of fat 1st. i cannot seem to find a diet/exercie plan to help.


If you're not even a tad bit muscular, why not focus on that first? 8kg is a lot of weight, man, and when you lose it you're going to look like sh**.

Just start lifting on a program-- 5/3/1 is very popular here, and you should perhaps look into that.

Drink a lot of water--don't get your calories from liquids unless it's a whey shake after workout.

Make smart food choices. Veggies, meat, low fat dairy, etc.

It's going to take time, man. No reason to f*** your body up by trying to do something in a day that takes years. Enjoy the ride.


You'll waste less time if you just add as much lean mass as you can right now. It'll make your cut easier and faster. You're also probably at the early stage where you can gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously to an extent.



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