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starvation for 44 days?

Saw a blurp in the paper today about a magician starving himself in a glass case 2 by 2 meters or so for 44 days, where he only had a supply of water. How the hell is this possible without dying? And what purpose is there to it? Like I said it was just a blurp, i.e. a picture of his face and a caption, so I don’t know the details.

That was David Blane, so lord knows what all it entails, but you got the gist of it right.

Was suspended from a crane in a clear-cube with, SUPPOSEDLY nothing but water…

This is the same guy who can “levitate”…reports said he lost 40lbs, and a hospital is reintroducing him to food.

As far as reasons why…who the hell knows…its David Blane, and he’s always doin crazy shit like that.

I read somewhere that he was getting water from a tube. I wonder what else was in the water?

I can’t help but be reminded of the South Park spoof of David Blane…twahhh

ZEB, good point. So much for his magical survival skills.

I heard today that he is getting $8 mil for this stunt!

One newspaper accused him of getting sugar water at times, but that was never verified. He also fattened himself up quite a bit before he started. Still, had to be rough.

hey, i’m the last motherfucker to believe in “magic”, but that guy is the real deal. just call me michael jackson. he didnt “supposedly” levitate, that fool FLOATED. i taped one of his specials, and out of about 50 “magic tricks” i can only spot two of them. this is after hours of slowmo, rewinding, re-watching, you name it. i finally gave up and conceded to my buddy that i believe hes “magic” the 2 i caught were old fashioned slight-of-hand, the rest had no explanation. i think he sold his soul.
peace, fash

Oh, COME ON GUYS!!! If you believe that he is actually in that tube at all then you have fallen for his illusion. The fasting, the water, the tube, the suspension… they are alllll gimicks my friends. I have seen the revelation of his levitation trick, camera stunt. Much of his stuff is gimicks.

explain it then squatty

he levitates in front of people, in an open area, how is that a camara trick?

Yeah the levitating thing was revealed on some show with a “masked magician.”

He showed how it’s done, basically by using a group of people, then raising up on the ball of your feet, so from one angle it’s impossible to see thats what you’re doing. Then, after the group of people leave, you stand in the same place, use some wires, “levitate” higher then you were with the group of people there. Then through creative editing make it look like it all happened at the same time.

as is was held in london england, i have seen most of the press on him. he says he did it for himself and now knows what we are all capable of.

now i dont know about you guys but i think most t-men could have told him that we are capable of much more than NOT eating. 1000 pound squats, MMA fights and the severe dieting for shows/tranformations comes to mind.

still the doctors took a urine sample and verified that it was that of a man starving to death.


Renegadedragon nailed it. I read the same thing. The levitation trick, where he seems to come off the ground a few inches, is a good one that’s been around a long time, but it’s just an optical illusion.

In one TV special, he did the trick for people on the street, then they later re-shot it using wires because you have to be standing in the right spot for the illusion to work. They couldn’t film the trick and the people’s reaction at the same time.

He’s a great street magician. Not sure what he’s been doing lately though, more like stunts than “magic”.

There are a lot of websites about him; some of them reveal his street magic tricks. Run a search.

White Flash,

Hahahaha hooo heheheh hahaha.

Ever see a magician pull a rabbit out of his hat? It’s not a trick either, Since I have no idea how it is done I am sure that rabbits grow inside of the hat!

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like i said man, michael jackson. i’m sure theres an explanation for everything, but until I see it with MY own eyes, hes magic, no quotations needed.

He is doing stunts more then magic, which I find annoying. There is always the possibility he didn’t do these stunts, but I am fairly certain he did. And as far as the secret of his levitation, not absolutely correct. He should be able to do it surrounded. I won’t go into any more detail then that.

He was actually not supposed to be the magician who did the “Street Magic” specials. I met the magician to who this idea was first proposed, and he kept putting it off, so the idea was taken to David Blane. Now this guy has been hitting himself in the head.

Now for some good magic, watch the Sci-Fi channel on October 31st. Chris Angel has a special on. If they really show some of his stage show then it will be impressive.