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StarTrek technology applied to bodybuilding

I’m not a big trekkie but I was on a website that discussed the discovery of the fundamental factors of muscle grwoth and atrophy (and the successful gene manipulation thereof) and began to think about the advances that science has to offer in gene therapy. Then for no apparent reason I started thinking about the possiblities in the far future. Now in the 23rd century, the fictional StarTrek medical technologies like nanites, and such would make it extremely easy to change just about anything about your body (muscle, bone structure, hormones, skin, etc.). You could have extremely low body fat and as much muscle as you wanted. Hair loss, aging, acne would be a thing of the past. Then why does all the Enterprise’ crew look like hell I wonder?

Because the actors are from the 20th century.

People who are Trekkies are good. People who aren’t Trekkies are bad. People who dress up as Klingons and go to conventions are bad. People who see Star Trek as a positive projection of the future are good. People who are too cool to watch an episode are bad. People with no imagination are bad. Bodybuilders who watch Star Trek are good. Work is large and is good.

The last post should have said: Worf is large and is good.

I always thought the transporters could be used as a medical device. Say a person had cancer for instance, they could get into the transporter and the computer would identify and isolate the cancer cells. Then, when they were reenergized would come back cancer free.

Yeah, but what about people who prefer Babylon 5 over Star Trek. Or even consider Farscape to be better? Some even go as far as saying that Farscape is the best Sci Fi EVER on TV. Personally, I like LEXX.

the actors, and i hope you realize they are ACTORS, live in what we refer to as REALITY. i dont know if you have heard of it, but in reality certian rules appear. one such rule is that made up things dont apply here, such as nanites and whatever else. another rule is that you have no friends, except other trekkies but trekkies are so low they dont counts as people. therefore, you have no actual friends

Keep in mind that the new Enterprise is set much closer to us in time than TNG. Is medicine far enough advanced in Enterprise time to allow for that kind of medicine? Doubt it. However, why TNG crew doesn’t look like that is a good question.

It could be that they have “morally” evolved past the point where looking good means anything. But I doubt that also.

I guess the point I was making was that eventhough body modification is plainly possible in the future there is no depiction of it. You don’t see extremly fit people running about do you? If the technology existed for you to have the ultimate physique and was commonplace, would you still have an interest?

You should read “The First Immortal” by James L. Halpern. I found it to be one of the better books on the subject of ‘what our future may hold for us given the current rate of technological advance’. It also has a pretty good story line, and it doesn’t get all star trekkie, it’s a little more down to earth.