StartingAgain Starts for the Last Time?

I hear this too… But how many orthos have you seen?

For shoulders, either 3 or 4.

HOWEVER, capsular tightening alone will only last 5-10 years for someone with EDS. After which it needs to be redone again and again until you need the shoulder joint replaced

Which is why I’d rather not do it. Surgery is an absymal experience, especially if the results only last half a decade. I’d rather just do 100,000 pull aparts and similar exercises in the meantime.

As for training:

I literally did a super explosive 5x5 FSL with each set having a 2 breath rest in-between.


Set 1
Re-rack and take 2 breaths
Set 2
And so on

100% sure I could do that with my TMs too. So yeah, my TMs are way too low :rofl:

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Good news: I’m really hoping to get rid of all my joints issues this year since my PT and I have a very good hunch on the main remaining issue and tested it. It’s scapular in nature, but I’m honestly too uneducated on the subject to explain what it is haha.

Bad news: I really wanted to be able to train “normally” already, but I truthfully can’t yet. I’m going to continue 5/3/1 per the Forever book, but I can’t exactly go as hard as I want to yet. Which is fine since progress will still be made, just not as much compared to me being physically able to bust my ass like I want to. My joints are still my #1 goal right now, more than anything in the gym.

I will still post when I have questions to ask, but honestly don’t have much desire since I’m basically in PT mode for the next 6 - 9 months. Seriously want to conquer this EDS bullshit this year once and for all. Seeing everyone make awesome progress when I still have joint issues honestly just bums me out haha.

Keep kicking ass, everyone!


Wanted to give a little update, and it’s that I’m in a lot of pain haha!

But it’s for a good reason! I’ve been upping the physical therapy lately and am starting back in the PT office on June 7. Basically, I’m working the fuck out of my left shoulder blade to get my body back in proper posture after a decade, and it’s working! The bad news is that my left scapula is not used to bearing load like this at all and HURTS. I’m talking 7/10 pain at times but it’s worth it.

As for training… Since PT is the goal, I’m going with 5’s PRO Forever template with FSL 5x5. It’s the easiest one and means I can treat the barbell lifts as technique work even on my most painful days. Assistance will be 50 - 100 per category.
As for how I’m setting it up… It’s tricky because the supersets I’d like to do are hard to set up in a busy gym. So I’m doing something like the assistance set up from 5/3/1 for Beginners on Wendler’s site:

Each day perform ONE exercise from each category. Perform 50-100 total reps (do whatever sets you want to perform - that doesn’t matter) of each exercise. If you are too weak to get all the reps (chin-ups/pull-ups for example) then simply choose a SECOND movement to complete the total reps. This is incredibly simple to do.

So if I pick dips, for example, then I’ll do them until I’m tired, bored, out of time, etc. Then I’ll finish the rep goal with push ups or extensions. Let’s say my legs movement is DB RDL. I’ll pick a weight, and if I can’t hit the rep goal within a reasonable time frame, then I’ll switch to leg curls. I just pick the “reasonable time frame” in the moment. I find assistance BORING, so I’m using an idea I got from Brian Alsruhe/@Alpha to turn it into a game/challenge against the clock.

As for good training news:

  • I can do deadlifts!! Starting super light, though, obviously.
  • I may have clean and strict pressed 135lbs a bunch of times for fun randomly without a warm up… and Jesus Christ it’s was so easy!! Not gonna do it again since my OHP TM is 100lbs haha. Still, it felt way easier than before. I cant wait to see where I am after a year of Wendler’s programming and a shit ton of dips, chins, back work, PT work, and dumbbell pressing.
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