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I've been eating fairly clean and working hard in the gym but am finaly getting real serious with diet. The massive eating/don't diet seem like they are the best fit into my life right now and are simple enough, tomorrow I'm going to the bookstore to help count calories and next week stock up on supps. now to the questions:

I'm assuming 40/30/30 p/c/f calorie intake is ideal am I correct?

Second how do I eat around a 9:00 pm training time? Should I still use surge?


always use surge. Live it, breath it.

I do half a serving before and half after work-outs.


yes, still use it.
JB reccomennds it as he states that post workout muscke cell sensitivity is greater and more important then morning vs evening sensetivity.
about the macronutrient breakdown - I would go with getting the protein per lb of bodyweight and the rest of the calories half carbs half fat.

I guess you are looking to get lean as you mentioned "don't diet" right?



I'm trying to drop 7-10lbs before getting heavy into massive eating. Right now I'm only 5'5 143 but have noticable fat in the mid section. I would just like to get a clean start before going crazy on food. Also I think the lower intake of "Don't diet" will be easier for me to get used to, this is the first real strict eating program I've used so I need any help I can get.


When do you wake up/ go to bed? That's important for how you eat around a 9pm training time.


I wake up at 7:00, go to bed 11-12:00 the night part of dieting is what really has me. I at pretty good over the summer but worked out at 6:00pm so it was a little more common. Off to the previous issues to get some more training ideas....