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Starting Wrestling Late


Hey Guys

I have been thinking about getting into my college wrestling team next year but I have no previous experience (my high school didn't offer it).

I am just wondering if it is still possible to start this late and keep up with others? Have anyone else started wrestling this late?



If you dont have previous experience you are most likely going to have to try out for the team as a walk-on. Im sure if you get in touch with one of the coaches or wrestlers they could inform you as to when try outs are.

A team isnt just going to let anyone "join". Remember that you train with the team--which means you need to be able to pull your own. This doesnt mean you need to beat someone at tryouts. Ive seen people make it as a walk on and still lose try out matches.

I guess the real question is "have you ever wrestled"?

Im not talking about wrestling as a sport. Im aksing if you have experience "wrestling around" or sparring with your friends through out your life?

If you are have any outstanding strength/explosiveness qualities and feel comfortable "wrestling around", their would be a possibility of (what i would assume would be) your unorthodoxed style getting you on a team.

I am definitely NOT trying to deter you. just giving you some things to think about. I dont feel that its"too late to wrestle"
you may be lacking in skill to make your college wrestling team. those are two entirely different facts if you ask me;)

Honestly, the best thing you can do is just go try out. You make it or you dont. Either way you are going to learn something about yourself.

..and if you had FUN, there are always plenty of recreational (jiu jitsu, judo, or other mma's)wrestling places popping up all over the place.

train hard,
ryan b.


if wrestling doesnt work out, you can look for a submission grappling/bjj gym, thats a ton of fun.


hey mr freeze where u from in ont?


Thanks for the advice.

I talked to the coach and he suggested that I should become a wrestling dummy for the team for rest of this season. While I am not going to be able to compete now, I will gain some experience and have a better chance of making the team next year.

I am so excited now :slightly_smiling:


where are these bj gyms?


lol id be excited too, if i was told for example in football id be the hitting dummy..............


which school are you at freeze? I wrestle CIS and wrestled a couple of schools from Ontario a couple of weekends ago


I have never heard of someone starting wrestling at the varsity-level in college. It is one of the most technical sports around and takes years to master the technical aspect, but if your heart is set no one is stopping you. Strength is an advantage only to a certain point.