Starting Wk 3 of 2nd Cycle. Need Help

Hi everyone - just registered today and thought I’d post my progress of my second cycle as well as get some good quality advice. So here’s the deal, I did my first cycle 2 years ago. It was dbol only at 30mg a day for a month. I had basically no side effects and gained some solid size and strength. I didn’t even have to donany pct.

I’ve been training consistently since I was 13 up to the age of 19 when I tore my acl tendon in my knee. This threw me off and have been on and off since then due to reoccurring injuries to the same knee. I have been training hard and consistently for a year and a half - even though I was on and off I still gained quickly due to muscle memory and hard training.

Here are my stats;
26 yrs
17.5" arms
11.5% bodyfat

Here is what my cycle currently looks like:
Week 1-12 750mg test enanthate / week
Week 1-4 45mg dbol
Week 1-4. 1mg Arimidex Everyday
Weeks 5-12 0.5mg Arimidex every other day
Weeks 8-12 40mg of Anavar

Week 15. 150mg Clomid, 40mg Nolvadex, .25mg Arimidex EOD
Week 16. 100mg Clomid, 40mg Nolvadex, .25mg Arimidex EOD
Week 17. 100mg Clomid, 20mg Nolvadex, .25mg Arimidex EOD
Week 18. 20mg Nolvadex

I have a couple questions/concerns:
1 - should I incorporate HCG and if so how often and what dosage
2 - is my dosage of anavar enough?
3 - am I overdoing it with my pct? Isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?
4 - is this too hardcore of a cycle considering my first cycle was dbol at a low dosage?
5 - does anyone have any other suggestions on what else is needed or taken away ?

I want to add some quality hard muscle through this cycle and lower my fat percentage as well. My biggest concern is post cycle. I want to try to maximize all the gains and keep it all on (or most of it).

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

It btw I’m 26

I’m going to give it a shot, please correct me if/where I’m wrong:

  1. Yes, 250iu’s twice per week (500iu/wk total)
  2. Have you used it before? I use 100mg/day, but it seems that plenty of people have good results from anywhere between 40-80. I’d up it to 50 if you have it, or run it for 6 weeks.
  3. I don’t run PCTs anymore, but I believe you stop Arimidex before PCT, or maybe its that you taper it down during PCT. I’d say you’re fine with just tamoxifen (as opposed to both tamoxifen/clomiphene); seems to be what people are recommending these days.
  4. You’re first cycle was dbol only with no PCT? Your cycle is fine, probably could have gotten away with 500mg/wk test e
  5. I’d suggest running Anavar weeks 10-14 (8-14 if you have enough), up until the day before you start PCT (which should be two weeks after your last test e shot). Also, I don’t think you’ll need 1mg of Anastrozole ED during cycle, at most EOD.

Thanks for the great advice.

I’ve never used anavar before, but I think ur right when it comes to up my dosage. Maybe I’ll do 60mg/day for 6 weeks, up until the day before my last shot. I never thought of running it past my last shot of test and before the first day of PCT. Thats real good advice, as my rigorous pct will still be effective for the anavar during my cycle. Do you by any chance know what the half life of anavar is?

I’ve noticed that most if the cycles that I have seen online do not include Arimidex during the PCT. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s expensive or whether there is another reason. I can’t think of why not include a low dose EOD. But I do agree with u in regards to taking 1mg ED for weeks 1-4.

Also, in regards to HCG, my source can only get a pill form which I am suppose to mix distilled water with. I have no idea what form HCG is suppose to come in and there is no way that I want to set up a home chemisty lab to create a cocktail of HCG and than inject it into myself. What are the forms of HCG and am I really suppose to create the mix myself?

Appreciate any help!

Half life of anavar is around 9 hours, I believe. You can run all orals, or anything with a short half life for that matter, up close to PCT (taking into account their half life for your last dose before pct). You’re shut down up until PCT anyway from the test, so you’re still “on cycle” at that point.

And I said take 1mg EOD the whole cycle, not ED.

As for HCG, it is a powder contained in a STERILE VIAL that is mixed by the user with Bacteriostatic water… do not mix this pill with water and inject it. I have seen HCG in a sort of “wafer” shape, but contained within a sterile vial or amp. HCG stops before PCT starts too, by the way.

Thanks for the update once again… So I’ve confirmed from my source that he has HCG in the form in which u mentioned but he said that he can not get the bacteriostatic water. Hes pushing me to mix it in with water which is something I am not prepared to do.

Can I get bacteriostatic water from a pharmacy without a prescription? Or anywhere else?

Also an update on my gains - I put on another albs in the last week - solid muscle, no water

Feels amazing - can’t wait to get to the anavar