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Starting with no HCG or AI?


Hi guys,

I have a quick question, my doc prescribed me with 100mg test e weekly, but this was on my recommendation as he didn't know of test e and wanted to prescribe gel. I told him I did not want this.

He did not know what dosage of hcg to prescribe so said he would look into it and prescribe it to me in a month, at my next visit. He also felt unsure about an AI and said he would look into this too.

Basically he wants me injecting the 100mg weekly and get a test done in 3 weeks to see how I am doing. Would this be ok in your opinion or should I wait for the hcg and AI?

Will my natural production shut down that quick, and will I see any ill effects of high estrogen after only 1 month?

Thanks in advance


This is the process I recommend. Some people feel differently, but I do not think you should start AI and HCG without a proven need for either. You certainly will not kill yourself without them for 3 weeks.

I recommend starting with your doctors plan, then following up with bloodwork in 3-4 weeks as he suggested.

Yes you will shut down your natural production very quickly (most people on 100 mg will in the first week). It will probably take 2 weeks or longer for you to develop estrogen issues (if you develop them at all!!!!!!!!!!). Be sure to understand what symptoms you are looking for, both of high E2 and the need for HCG


Cheers for the reply mate.

Ok i will proceed with the 100mg weekly then.
So as far as the symptoms of high E2 and need for HCG, am i right in saying symptoms of e2 would be sore nipples/ gyno and the likes? And then for HCG it would be sore/shrunken testies?


E2 also includes brain fog, moodiness, poor libido. You will experience these before you experience sore nipples/gyno. They can be annoying, but are not going to impact you long term (meaning you dont have to take immediate action). But once the sore nipples/gyno starts, you better get your hands on a SERM ASAP.

Most people will not experience gyno with 100 mg/week.