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Starting with Hcg?


I am 41 suffered from low test off and on for a few years now. Docs in my area are morons. the only one that knew shit passed away a couple years ago :-(. My question is this, there are a couple chiro's doing the Hcg thing here in town.

I need to drop some fat, gain some energy to hit the gym and get back into my big compound lifts, from what I understand Hcg will help with that AND it should kick start my natrual test production correct?

Would the Hcg therapy be a good place to start? I am thinking if my shit is really shot then this should tell me and if so I am going to have to go out of town to find a TRT doc.

Sorry for the dumb question guys.


it all depends.

was your LH/FSH low and that was driving your low T? if not, you could be primary and then HCG won't do squat.
is your cortisol in the ideal range? what about your thyroid? estradiol? ferritin? D25-OH?


I am going to request my bloodwork from mid September and look it over and post the results. I am going to try to get life extension to do the bloodwork for me again. I think I can get it done for about 250.00 or so and will have up to date information