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Starting with a Completely Blank Slate

Completely on a newbi level and was wondering what would be a good starting point to gain great results. I understand that this is not something that will happen overnight and am willing to put in the time and effort necessary to get the desired results. As of now I am six foot,two inches tall and 268.8 lbs. While my exact fat percentage is unknown I would rate it fairly high even though I have a large frame.

My desired end results are to lose weight to average around 230-240 with adding quite a bit of muscle. On may 27th I stepped on the scale to the tune of 297, since then I have dropped my caloric intake to 1300-1500 a day (consisting of an average 55% carbs, 25%protein, and 20% fat. As of now no supplements other than multi-vitamin) and have been somewhat pleased with the diet results but I would like to start a good workout regime to add muscle and get into shape.

I have lost weight twice in the past eight years to my goal weight but have lacked the tone and muscle I want, so I am attempting a complete shift in lifestyle now that will keep me where I want to be. Two hurdles that are present is that I have two small children and only available time to workout would come late in the evening or early in the morning before I go to work, the second being that I would like to have the ability to start off for the first few months in the house if optimal.

If you’ve never trained intensely before, Get on a beginners program like 5x5 or something along those lines (or upper/lower 2x a week so 4 lifting sessions total) You’ll add strength and muscle. Also, your diet is pretty poor. 1300-1500 calories for a guy your size is way too low. You need to up calories to like 2500/day at least (especially if you start on a lifting program).
On days off, stay active/do some cardio like incline walking, jump rope, bodyweight circuits–anything to keep yourself active without impeding your lifting program.

High protein (1g/lb of bodyweight minimum)/healthy fats/ carbs around workout/veggies.

Good things will happen–BUT BE PATIENT–judge progress bi-weekly via pictures

[quote]Sedated wrote:
On may 27th I stepped on the scale to the tune of 297, since then I have dropped my caloric intake to 1300-1500 a day[/quote]
This is way too low

Eventually your metabolism will stall and go into survival mode. Best to slowly bring up the calories until your back to a BMR.

Formula to determine caloric needs: (Desired Body Weight = DBW)
DBW * 1.5 = Protein in grams
DBW * 1 = Carbohydrates in grams
DBW * .5 = Fat in grams

DBW should be determined based on goals and using body fat estimation to determine lean mass. It is better to use a number that gives your body and metabolism room to grow then to choose a small number (for weight loss) and stall like you are currently doing.

I agree with the above posts as far as diet. If you would like to start woking out around the house, I would suggest bodyweight training-think body weight squat, hyperextensions, and pushups done 3x a week adding a rep or two a workout.

(havn’t tried this myself but read about it in brooks kubik’s chalk and sweat- this is actually a good book for you to think about getting as it has 50 some odd different programs for beginner, intermediate,and advancerd lifters) or ketttlebells- think swings, goblet squats, pushups 3x a week3-5 sets of 5-15 reps(this I have done and continue to do if I have to go out of town- dan john or mike mahler is a good source of ideas for this -also, rather than buying a kettlebell look up t-handle on the inernet- could save you some bucks which will make the wife happy)

Just thought of pavel tsatsouline’s book power to the people -basically it advocates two lifts, the deadlift and the press and the 3-5 rule or 3-5 exercise for 3-5 set of 3-5 reps with 3-5 minutes of rest between sets done 3-5 times a week-I think he gave an interview on this sight- the perk would be minimal equipment(again havn’t tried this i currently do starting strength which deffinatly fall under the 3-5 rule)

[quote]mlupica wrote:
Just thought of pavel tsatsouline’s book power to the people [/quote]

Pavel’s book is a good read – as are most of his books – but I’m not sure it’s the best for what you’re looking for. It’s decent for a good strength foundation.

Starting Strength might be a better place, or any of the other 5x5 programs out there.

Appreciate the input and will be taking a trip to the bookstore to pick up any extra info I can get on starting. Thanks also for the formula on the diet, I’ll adjust over the next couple of weeks to get it to where it needs to be. Like I stated in the above post, this is a completely new way of me approaching the weight loss and I would like to make a total lifestyle shift.