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Starting Weight 330lbs - Hopefully Down to 200-220lbs

Thought I would start a training log and share with everyone what i am doing and what my goals are…

I am currently at 330lbs and about 5’11, however i normally weigh around 220lbs and have been as lean as 185-190lbs in the past. Last winter for me was pretty miserable, i was going to a local pub anywhere from 2-4 times a week drinking at least 6 beers and downing a pound of wings… completely out of the norm for me as i usually try and take care of what i put in my body and quite honestly dont like the taste of alcohol… I played college level baseball in the US (currently living in Canada) and was a catcher so i have somewhat of a thick frame and what i would like to consider are strong legs…

injuries and poor form in the gym have held me back from being where i want to be. an old partially torn rotator cuff really killed my baseball game and my bench form - i believe i started lifting properly with respect to bench only in the last year so i have a lot of catching up to do… low back is sore with some old nagging injuries and an old partially torn MCL in the left knee…

anyways this is how i am starting - 2 days on 1 day off, 2 on 1 off, etc… all weight is in lbs

DB press 3 x 12 for 70
Incline press 3 x 12 for 115
pec fly machine 3 x 12 for 145
dips on machine 2x10 with 115lb offset (will increase when body weight is lower)

take a break for a couple hours then go back

goblet squat 3 x 12 100
hamstring curl 3 x 12 125
rotate - leg extension 3 x 12 150 or static lunge BW 3 x 12

next day…

seated row (with rope grip) 3 x 12 155
lat pulldown machine (bilateral grip) 3 x 12 72.5 per arm
face pull 3 x 12 90
bent over shrug (hit mid trap/rhomboid) 3 x 12 55
maybe add rear delt fly machine 3 x 12 115

take a couple hour break

glute bridge (feet on floor) 3 x 12 60 - maybe rotate feet elevated bridge 1 legged (again, body weight is a problem)
RDL 3 x 12 135
pull through 3 x 12 90
good morning 3 x 12 95 (when back isnt sore)

day off… then back at it

first time posting, i have a good trainer at the gym that i trust so i am going to show him my log as see what he thinks but open to feedback, comments, etc… for me the huge problem is/was last year i was actually getting bigger and stronger but eating shit and drinking and everywhere i put muscle on it is now just coated with fat… also i measured my stomach and it is 55 inches!!! totally horrible and unhealthy, and i smoke as well too… initial strategies are cutting the alcohol and smoking and increasing cardio as well - potentially playing hockey twice a week and walking unfortunately i have mild shin splints (maybe from the weigh gain) so i can only walk 20 minutes, otherwise i was on the stair master (full step model like walking up the stairs) last year and could go 40 minutes and work up a good sweat, same with my walks - usually 9-10km in a day when i did walk…

so… there i am!!

I am taking some supps - 2 200mcg of chromium picolinate, fish oil, half a multi 2x a day, vitamin D3, and protein powder… basically i get up pop my chromium, get a large coffee (think 140mg caffeine), protein shake, fish oil, half a multi, Vit D3, L-carnitine (500mg), and maybe serving of oatmeal, a boiled egg, or some bread and peanut butter…

lunch - can of tuna with queso chees (tostitos brand), fish oil, maybe coffee then or later mid afternoon meal (same with 2nd chromium), chicken soup, or packaged indian food (mainly spinach with farmers cheese),

dinner - since i unfortunately live with my parents for the time being (i am 38), it could be anything - butter chicken, kale salad, wheat pasta with meatballs, shrimp with rice, etc…

night snack - another boiled egg and or protein powder

during my training days i eat around my workouts and then taper off later in the day - example will down a protein shake before my workout and then when i get home make another one and that is twice a day… same with the supplements…

i understand i have lots of work to do with respect to my diet… not FUN!!!

oh ya, i will also post a photo or two when i get a new phone…